Penrose Conference

Plume IV: Beyond the Plume Hypothesis
Tests of the plume paradigm and alternatives

August 25th – 29th, 2003, Hveragerdi, Iceland


A Great Debate surrounds the best name for Our Book
(current working title “Melting Anomalies: Their Nature and Origin”).

Listed below are current proposed titles.

What are your opinions and suggestions? A Grand Prize might be awarded for the best suggestion, or perhaps a punishment would be more appropriate.

Feedback to the Editors would be appreciated.
Editors: Gillian R. Foulger, James H. Natland, Dean C. Presnall and Don L. Anderson.

Proposed final title of book:

Plates, Plumes, and Paradigms

please send comments to: Gillian R. Foulger

Plumes, Plates and Paradigms
Plates and Plumes
Plumes Revisited
The Plume Paradigm Revisited
The Plume Paradigm: Axioms, Predictions, Observations (and Inferences)
The Plume Paradigm Examined
The Plume Puzzle: To Be or Not to Be
Perspectives on the Plume Paradigm
Mantle Plumes: Perspectives and Critiques
Perspectives on Mantle Plumes
Current Views of Mantle Plumes
The Plate & Plume Paradigms
The Plate Paradigm
The Plume Paradigm
The Plume Paradigm: An Examination
The Plume Paradigm: A Reexamination
The Plume Paradigm and Beyond
Beyond the Plume Hypothesis
Melting Anomalies: Their Nature and Origin
Intraplate Volcanism and Geodynamics: Non-Plume Interpretations and Processes
Intraplate Volcanism and Geodynamics: Processes and Interpretations
The Compleate Plume Book

Cactoplumes: Now or Never
Men Who Hate Men Who Hate Plumes
When Bad Things Happen to Good Plumes
The Invisible Plume
The Taming of the Plume
High Noon for Plumes
Beyond the Valley of the Plumes
For Whom the Plume Tolls
The Plume is Not Enough
Valley of the Plumes
Inside the Valley of the Plumes
The Silence of the Plumes
Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Plume
The Plumologist
The Plume Chronicles
The Attack of the Killer Plumes
A Fist Full of Plumes
For a Few Plumes More
The Good, the Plume, and the Ugly
The Outlaw Plumesy Wales
Every Which Plume You Can
All the President's Plumes

Master and Commander: Far Side of the Plume
Plumes for Dummies
The Man with the Golden Plume
The Spy who Plumed Me
The Plume Also Rises
Moby Plume, or The Hotspot
Kiss of the Plume Woman
The Seven Deadly Plumes
Beverly Hills Plume
A Shot in the Plume
A Plume Grows in Brooklyn
Revenge of the Plumes
Plumes (like Jaws, or Them)
Forbidden Plume
Rosemary's Plume
La Dolce Pluma
The Days of Plumes and Roses
Lord of the Plumes
Twilight of the Plumes
Plume Rorschach Test Results