Penrose Conference
Plume IV: Beyond the Plume Hypothesis
Iceland, August 25th – 29th, 2003

Submission of applications and extended abstracts

Applications may be made to any one of the conveners, and should include the following:

  1. A formal email, letter or fax stating that you wish to apply. Please include the basic information about yourself listed on the GSA application form, which may be viewed at
  2. A brief statement of interests and anticipated contribution to the conference.
  3. An extended abstract. This may be up to approximately 1000 words in length, and may contain additionally a few figures, tables and references. Electronic submission of a PDF abstract is strongly preferred. If this is a problem, please contact one of the conveners to negotiate some other format or medium. The abstracts of successful applicants will be posted on the Penrose Conference website.
  4. An indication of whether you wish to offer an oral presentation. Note that the number of oral presentations will be very limited.
  5. An indication of whether you wish to contribute a poster. Posters are strongly encouraged.
  6. An indication of whether you anticipate contributing to the post-conference Proceedings, which will be published in book form as a volume of the GSA's Special Papers or Memoirs. A submission deadline for contributions of 31st January 2004 is anticipated. Both reviews and papers describing new results are encouraged.
  7. If you wish to apply for financial support, an indication of this, with an explanation of your circumstances. Financial aid will be available to help a few applicants.