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Chapman Conference

The Great Plume Debate
The Origin and Impact of LIPs and Hot Spots

August 28th – 1st September, 2005, Fort William, Scotland

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Abt, David, T.C. Hales, E.D. Humphreys & J.J. Roering Delamination Origin for Columbia River Flood Basalts and Wallowa Mountains Uplift in NE Oregon, USA
Baksi, Ajoy Critical Assessment of Radiometric Ages for Oceanic Hotspot Tracks, Based on Statistical Analysis of Individual Ages, and Evaluation of the Alteration State of the Material Dated
Campbell, Ian Testing the Plume Hypothesis Powerpoint
Deuss, Arwen Constraints on the observation of mantle plumes using global seismology Powerpoint
Fitton, J.Godfrey Do Hotspot Basalts Share a Common Mantle Source?
Foulger, Gillian R.

The Generation of Melting Anomalies by Plate Tectonic Processes
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Goes, Saskia & A. Deuss Testing Thermal Whole Mantle Plumes Seismically
Harris, Robert N. & M.K. McNutt Observations of heat flow on hotspot swells Powerpoint
Hawkesworth, Chris Geochemistry and Mantle Plumes Powerpoint
Ivanov, Alexei, A.B. Perepelov & M.Y. Puzankov. Discussion point on vertical motion associated with Siberian Traps
Julian, Bruce R. & John R. Evans Guided Seismic Waves: Possible Mantle-Plume Diagnostics Powerpoint
Jurdy, Donna M. & Paul R. Stoddard Uplift and rifting on Venus: Role of Plumes
Keskin, Mehmet Eastern Anatolia: A hot spot in a collision zone without a mantle plume
King, Scott How many hotspots can be explained by edge driven convection?
Koppers, Anthony The Geochronology of Hotspot Trails and the Timing of the Hawaii-Emperor Bend Powerpoint
Lay, Thorne Is the “D” Region the Source of Mantle Plumes? Powerpoint
Nolet, Guust & R. Montelli The role of mantle plumes in the Earth's heat budget Powerpoint
Meyer, Romain, J. Hertogen, R.B. Pedersen, L. Viereck-Götte & M. Abratis The Vøring Plateau Volcanic Margin: A Key Rock Succession to Understand Continental Breakup During the Initial Stages of the Opening of the NE-Atlantic
Reese, Chris & V.S. Solomatov Impact Induced Martian Mantle Plumes: Implications for Tharsis Powerpoint
Rhodes, J.Michael Magmatic Evolution of Mauna Loa Volcano: Implications for a Chemically and Thermally Zoned Mantle Plume Powerpoint
Sallarès, Valenti Crustal Seismology Helps Constrain the Nature of Mantle Melting Anomalies. Galápagos Volcanic Province: A Case Study Powerpoint
Sandwell, David Cracks and Warps in the Lithosphere from Thermal Contraction Powerpoint
Sheth, Hetu The Deccan beyond the plume hypothesis Powerpoint
Xu, Yigang & B. He Surface Responses to Mantle Plume: Sedimentation and Lithofacies Paleogeography in SW China Before and After the Emeishan Flood Volcanism Powerpoint
Zhao, Dapeng Multiscale Seismic Tomography of Mantle Plumes and Subducting Slabs Powerpoint

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