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Doglioni, Carlo, Eugenio Carminati, Mattia Crespi, Marco Cuffaro, Mattia Penati, Federica Riguzzi, Tectonically asymmetric Earth: From net rotation to polarized westward drift of the lithosphere, Geoscience Frontiers, in press.

Don L. Anderson

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AGU Special Session

Theory of Earth

D.L. Anderson, J. Bass, G.R. Foulger & J.H. Natland

Discussion of Dehydration Melting

Recycled oceanic crust in the source of 90-40 Ma basalts in N & NE China

Yi-Gang Xu

Discussion of Heat

Rift-induced gravitational unloading: A mechanism for the formation of off-rift volcanoes in continental rift zones

F. Maccaferri, E. Rivalta, D. Keir & V. Acocella

Mineralogy and Petrology solicits papers for:

Special issue in honor of Prof. Rex Pride

Deadline for submission of the papers: 31.10.2014

For further details, email Associate Editor, Prof. L.G. Gwalani

Effects of lithospheric yield stresses and mantle-heating modes on Pangea breakup

Masaki Yoshida

Themed issue in Geophere on:

Anatomy of Rifting: Tectonics and Magmatism in Continental Rifts, Oceanic Spreading Centers, and Transforms

Eds: Francesco Mazzarini, Carolina Pagli, Derek Keir, Eleonora Rivalta & Tyrone O. Rooney

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"It is a standing vice of geophysics not to argue against unpalatable facts and arguments but simply to ignore them and carry on as if they did not exist."

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Dear WM, It is curious that the same tomographic features have been interpreted in completely different ways. Faster than average seismic wave-speeds in the TZ have been considered to indicate ancient subducted slabs (Piromallo & Morelli, 2003; Handy et al., 2010). The same features, on the other hand, have also been interpreted as a volatile-free mantle plume head trapped in the TZ (Lavecchia & Bell, 2012; Bell et al., 2013).– Michele Lustrino

Dear WM, Interesting article in the most recent Economist publicising a Nobel laureate’s jaundiced views on “luxury journals” (Science, Nature and Cell). Seems like the groundswell of discontent is growing.–Andy Moore