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Trans: "Let us devote ourselves to pursuit of the ultimate truth about nature by studying what we can find around us. Of course we must respect and value existing theories, but it is important not to place too much confidence in them. We should be free from authority and convention and modest before Mother Nature.

We should investigate books and articles written by famed scholars. The most critical thing, however, is to observe nature with unbiased eyes, experiment with our own hands, honor fresh ideas gained from natural materials, and nurture them in a lively environment."

Matsumoto Tatsuro, quote from Issues of Japanese Historical Geology, 1949

Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2016

May 22-26, 2016, Chiba-city, 261-0023, Japan

Session S-IT10: Do Plumes Exist?

Conveners: Hidehisa Mashima, Gillian R. Foulger, Dapeng Zhao

Estimation of the thermal state of NW Kyushu mantle using primitive basalts

Hidehisa Mashima

Center for Obsidian and Lithic Studies, Meiji University;