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Fourth North Atlantic Workshop

Conveners: Gillian Foulger & Christian Schiffer

First North Atlantic Workshop, 19-21 September, 2016

Second North Atlantic Workshop, 18-20 April, 2017

Third North Atlantic Workshop, 29-30 November, 2017

Minutes of the Fourth North Atlantic Workshop, 27-28 September, 2018


A new paradigm for the North Atlantic Realm

A Special Issue of Earth-Science Reviews

Preface: A new paradigm for the North Atlantic Realm

Authors: Gillian R. Foulger, Christian Schiffer & Alexander L. Peace


The Iceland Microcontinent and a continental Greenland-Iceland-Faroe Ridge

Gillian R. Foulger, Tony Doré, C. Henry Emeleus, Dieter Franke, Laurent Geoffroy, Laurent Gernigon, Richard Hey, Robert E. Holdsworth, Malcolm Hole, Ármann Höskuldsson, Bruce Julian, Nick Kusznir, Fernando Martinez, Ken J.W. McCaffrey, James H. Natland, Alex Peace, Kenni Petersen, Christian Schiffer, Randell Stephenson & Martyn Stoker

Published online
August 9th, 2019


Crustal fragmentation, magmatism, and the diachronous breakup of the Norwegian-Greenland Sea

Gernigon, L., Franke, D., Geoffroy, L., Schiffer, C., Foulger, G.R. & Stoker, M.


Published online
18th February, 2019


Structural inheritance in the North Atlantic

Christian Schiffer, A.G. Doré, G.R. Foulger, D. Franke, L. Geoffroy, L. Gernigon, R.E. Holdsworth, N.J. Kusznir, E. Lundin, K.J.W. McCaffrey. A. Peace, K.D. Petersen, T.B. Phillips, R. Stephenson, M.S. Stoker & K.J. Welford

Published online
October 18th, 2019


A review of Pangaea dispersal and Large Igneous Provinces – in search of a causative mechanism

Alexander Peace, J.J.J. Phethean, D. Franke, A.G. Doré, G.R. Foulger, N. Kusznir, G. McHone, S. Rocchi, C. Schiffer & M. Schnabel & J.K. Welford


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