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Penrose Conference

Plume IV: Beyond the Plume Hypothesis
Tests of the plume paradigm and alternatives

August 25th – 29th, 2003, Hveragerdi, Iceland


Inspired by the Penrose conference, a book of papers reflecting innovative and skeptical thinking about melting anomalies and plumes will be published by the Geological Society of America.

The Editors will be Gillian R. Foulger, James H. Natland, Dean C. Presnall and Don L. Anderson.

The title will be: “Plates, Plumes and Paradigms

The book will comprise a compendium of works that document both the development and the current state-of-play of various aspects of the subject. We envisage that it will contain material that will ensure it a relatively long lifetime of usefulness, and that it will function as a reference work for students and scholars on the subject. Towards this end, papers containing historical, review, overview, or tutorial material are encouraged. Papers that focus on recent results are also appropriate, but authors are encouraged to include overviews of the subject in those papers.

It is anticipated that the complete book package will be submitted to GSA for typsetting in October 2004.

Papers will be reviewed by two reviewers, and the Editors will adjudicate in difficult cases. Authors should submit a list of potential reviewers with their manuscripts, including candidates who are not planned authors of any paper in the volume. The philosophy that will guide the review process is eloquently summarised in the recent letter to EOS by David J. Wesolowski (click here for a copy of the review philosophy).

Electronic submission should be made to Gillian R. Foulger at A PDF file of the whole paper, plus a Word version of the text is preferred, although most formats can be handled.

Each paper/chapter should be at or above the standards for papers in GSA Bulletin. More information about GSA books may be found at

Cost of colour:
Current GSA policy is that for each chapter, the first colur page will cost $400 and each colour page thereafter will cost $100.

Web citations:
These are allowed. Authors should check that the URLs are still current when they submit their papers and the month and year they accessed the site should be included. Example: Wohletz, K., 2003, KWare HEAT, version 4.06.0234: Association of Fun Computer Programs, (June 2003).

Citations to other chapters in the same book:
Within the text, use (Smith et al., this volume). If an author has more than one chapter, use (Smith et al., this volume, Chapter 8).
In the references cited, use Smith, A., Jones, B., and Wessen, C., 2004, Title of article, in Foulger, G.R., Anderson, D.L., Natland, J.H. and Presnall, D.C. eds., Plates, Plumes & Paradigms: Geological Society of America Special Paper ##, p. 000-000 (this volume). The page numbers will be filled in when available.