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Time correlation between the formation of dyke swarms and crustal extension stages in the Middle Paleozoic Vilyui rift basin, Siberian platform

O.P. Polyansky, A.V. Prokopiev, O.V. Koroleva, M.D. Tomshin, V.V. Reverdatto, A.Y. Selyatitsky, A.V. Travin & D.A. Vasiliev

The Central European, Tarim & Siberian LIPs, Late Palaeozoic orogeny, & Coeval Metallogeny

Hugo de Boorder

There is plenty of amphibole in the Siberian Traps

Alexei Ivanov

The Demise of the Siberian Plume

Gerald K. Czamanske & Valeri A. Fedorenko

last updated 4th March, 2018