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Items of special interest

DI22A-05. S and P-wave velocity structure beneath the Hawaiian hotspot from the PLUME deployments of ocean-bottom and land seismometers
C.J. Wolfe et al.

DI22A-08. Post-shield and rejuvenated lavas sample homogeneous components in the source of the Hawaii mantle plume
D. Weis et al.

T43K-01. The seismic structure of the mantle beneath Iceland
J.E. Ritsema et al.

T43K-02. Mantle dynamics beneath the Pacific Northwest and the generation of post-20 Ma volcanism
M.D. Long et al.

T43K-03. Seismic evidence for intermittent upwelling of hot lower mantle beneath Yellowstone
B. Schmandt et al.

T43K-04. Three-Dimensional Geophysical Structure of the Yellowstone / Snake River Plain Hotspot System: Is a Deep Mantle Plume Required?
M.J. Fouch et al.

T43K-05. Weak Intraplate Volcanism Caused by Shear-Driven Upwelling
T.A. Bianco et al.

T43K-06. Mantle Heterogeneity and Off Axis Volcanism on Young Pacific Lithosphere
N. Harmon et al.

T43K-08. Onset of Yellowstone-related volcanism due to propagating rupture of the Farallon slab
L. Liu & D.R. Stegman

T44D-01. Generation of Alkalic Intraplate Basalts via Partial Melting of a Carbonated Mantle
R. Dasgupta et al.

T44D-02. Evidence for metasomatic enrichment in the oceanic lithosphere and implication for the generation of intraplate basalts
S. Pilet et al.

T44D-04. Tracing the sublithospheric sources of continental flood basalts: multi-elemental isotopic studies on the recently found ferropicrites and meimechites from the Karoo large igneous province
J.S. Heinonen et al.

T44D-07. Melting of the oceanic crust in the stagnant slab at the mantle transition zone: constraints from alkaline basalts in eastern China
T. Sakuyama et al.

T44D-08. The Upper Mantle Shear Boundary Layer Is The Source Of Midplate Volcanoes
D.L. Anderson

T51H-2456. Origin of the Early Cretaceous continental intraplate volcanism, NW Syria: melting of a metasomatised lithospheric mantle
G.S. Ma et al.

T51H-2461. Heterogeneous refertilization of the upper mantle beneath the Azorean volcanoes. Evidence from mantle xenoliths
C. Cannatelli et al.

T51H-2476. Icelandic emergence: an alternative vision based on the model of volcanic systems
C.B. Savry & E. Canon-Tapia

V51D-2535. Crustal structure of Shatsky Rise from joint refraction and reflection seismic tomography
J. Korenaga & W.W. Sager

V51E-2552. The origin of the Line Islands: plate or plume controlled volcanism?
L.P. Storm et al.

V53G-01. The unusual Samoan hotspot: A “hotspot highway” juxtaposed with a trench
M.G. Jackson et al.

V53G-02. The Hawaii-Emperor Bend: Plate motion, plume motion, or both?
P. Wessel

V53G-03. Motion of Hawaii and Louisville hotspots: Comparision of modeling results with new age and paleolatitude data
B.M. Steinberger et al.

V53G-04. Geodynamic Inferences from Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 330 to the Louisville Seamount Trail
A.A. Koppers et al.

V53G-08. Ninetyeast Ridge Formed as a Single, Near Spreading Center, Hotspot Track
M.S. Pringle et al.

V54A-03. On the Possible Relation of the Louisville Hotspot and Ontong Java Plateau from Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 330 Results
A.A. Koppers et al.

V54A-04. The Shatsky Rise Supervolcano and the Formation of Oceanic Plateaus
W.W. Sager

last updated 11th December, 2011