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 What are the origins of 'hot spot' volcanism?

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Lovecchio Juan, P., Abdelmalak Mansour, M., Planke, S., Silio, O., Rohais, S., Arismendi, S., Rojas Vera, E., Kulhanek Denise, K., Bolatti, N., Ramos Victor, A., 2024. Mesozoic Rifting in SW Gondwana and Breakup of the Southern South Atlantic Ocean. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 547, SP547-2023-2140.

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Miocene volcanism of the Baikal Rift across the boundary of the Siberian Craton: evidence for lithospheric mantle melting

E.I. Demonterova, A.V. Ivanov, V.M. Savatenkov, Mei-Fei Chu, S.V. Panteeva, Hao-Yang Lee & I.N. Bindeman

Conversations about geology with researchers making key contributions to our understanding of the Earth and the Solar System

Obituary to W. Jason Morgan


International Dyke Conference (IDC 8)-Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs 8)-Rodinia 2023


29th May-16th June 2023, Marrakesh, Morocco

Goldschmidt 2023,
Lyon, France,
9-14 July, 2023

Session 5a - Understanding basaltic volcanism on Earth and other planets

Abstract deadline: 1 March 2023

Ignition of the Southern Atlantic seafloor spreading machine without a hot-mantle booster

D. Sauter, G. Manatschal, N. Kusznir, C. Masquelet, P. Werner, M. Ulrich, P. Bellingham, D. Franke & J. Autin

Catastrophic growth of totally molten magma chambers in months to years

C. Annen, R. Latypov, S. Chistyakova, A.R. Cruden & T.F. D. Nielsen

Accretion of the cratonic mantle lithosphere via massive regional relamination (MRR)

Zhensheng Wan, F. A. Capitanio, Zaicong Wang & T.M. Kusky

EGU 2023 General Assembly on
23-28 April 2023 in Vienna

Session TS5.1: Continental Rift Evolution: from inception to break-up

Abstract deadline: 10 January 2023

A 5-km-thick reservoir with >380,000 km3 of magma within the ancient Earth's crust

R. Latypov, S. Chistyakova, R.A. Hornsey, G. Costi, & M. van der Merwe

How strongly do plumes influence Pacific seamount distribution?

Yanghui Zhao, B. Riel, G.R. Foulger & Weiwei Ding

Call for papers: Special collection of Scientific Reports

Plate tectonics

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“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”

– Galileo Galilei (1564–1642)

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The latest webpage to be posted, "Late Miocene fish fossils in Utah support accelerated extension and subsidence, not thermal uplift or a continental divide in the Eastern Snake River Plain", is an elegant and unusual demonstration that paleontology can contribute to the mantle plumes debate. It is interesting to reflect that paleontology also played a key role in the continental drift debate led by Wegener. –Gillian Foulger
Dear WM, He & Santosh (2020) constructed a regional teleseismic P-wave tomography model for 50-800 km depths in the east Tibetan Plateau and central China using 3D ray tracing/ To the extrusion style generated by collision, the direction changed from eastward to southeastward because of an obstacle of strong lithosphere identified by fast anomalies in the new tomographic image. They proposed that the Emeishan large igneous province was formed by a subducted slab-like high velocity anomaly at depths of 300-700 km and argued it was not generated by mantle plume.–Junjiang Zhu