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Oliver Strimpel

Gillian Foulger on Explaining Intraplate Volcanism Without Mantle Plumes

New Wikipedia page established:

Plate theory (volcanism) - Wikipedia

Geological movie explaining metamorphic rocks

What are metamorphic rocks and what do they have to do with plate tectonics?? There's cooking involved??! 

Metamorphic rocks are the third kind of rock, along with sedimentary and igneous. This 13.5 minute video by Univ. Texas at Dallas grad student Siloa Willis explains what kinds of Earth kitchens there are and explains how the much younger theory of plate tectonics helps us understand the older discipline of metamorphic petrology.

Check it out at 

Download useful geochemical spreadsheets and templates provides useful spreadsheets & templates for geoscientists.

As a scientific community, we can work together to expand & improve the material available.

Please email useful files using the website contact form. Let us co-operate to free up more time for research by streamlining finding files & creating diagrams!

Museo Universitario di Scienze della Terra

Earth Sciences University Museum, Univ. Rome

The Catalogue of Icelandic Volcanoes

– an open-access web resource containing eruption histories of Icelandic volcanoes, their characteristics and hazards.

EGU blog

…the blog of the Seismology (SM) Division of the European Geosciences Union (EGU).

This blog serves as a platform for the seismology community to share news, events, and activities, as well as updates on the latest research.

It is especially dedicated to the EGU young seismologists.

The blog is run by Matthew Agius.

Mantle Plume Processes is a site for collaborative volcano research and risk mitigation.

Use the menus to browse available simulation tools, data resources and links to all things volcanic.

Geological Society of Africa (GSAf) — Société Géologique d’Afrique

The Geological Society of Africa (GSAf) was established in 1973 to encourage geoscientific collaboration and cooperation across the continent. Its main objectives are:

  • to promote understanding of the earth sciences and improve standards of earth science education and research in Africa;
  • to provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of information across national boundaries between scientists, associations and institutions engaged in African geology and earth resources;
  • to promote the development and sustainable management of the continent's earth resources, to advance its socio-economic development; and
  • to improve natural hazards assessment and disaster mitigation.

Mi tierra se mueve: Plumas del manto

Shear-wave splitting data base
(and other goodies)

A. Wüstefeld, G. Barruol & G. Bokelmann

Google Earth for 3D visualisation

A data sharing initiative

R. Pilger

A website containing numerous excellent geology animations:

Earth 2 Geologists

… come in please …

Visit world volcanoes, where you can find useful information about volcanoes around the world.

You can find out volcanoes locations by country, area, and also by latitude and longitude.

Elevations of all volcanoes are included and you can plot of volcanoes on a map

Plate Tectonics and Mantle Dynamics resources on Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni's website:

Mantle Convection Movies on Mike Gurnis' website:

Recommended book:

Earth's Deep Mantle: Structure, Composition, and Evolution
Rob D. van der Hilst, Jay Bass, Jan Matas, Jeannot Trampert, Editors

Teach the Earth
the SERC portal for Geoscience Faculty

Third Edition of "This Dynamic Planet" chart.

The map, ca 44 x 58", is printed on both sides. On one side is a world map showing topography, plate boundaries, impact craters, plate absolute and relative motions, volcanoes, seismicity, etc, and on the other, the two polar caps with subice and ice surace topography at bottom. It is printed on a plastic-type medium, rolled only, and costs $14 each.

The second edition (1994) has been widely used  for teaching, and nearly 100,000 copies were sold, a USGS record.

Earth Pages – Earth Sciencies and news from the Geological World

Wikipedia – an open-content encyclopedia. Anyone can edit any article and have a say. For the Earth Science section (an an entry on mantle plumes) visit:

The isotope geochemistry/crust-mantle geochemistry lecture notes of William M. White, Cornell University.

An educational resource that describes the science behind volcanoes and volcanic processes.

Theory of the Earth is out of print but is now available on-line. It is an extensive summary of the physics, chemistry and physico-chemical evolution of Earth and synthesises our present understanding of its interior.

Anderson, D. L., Theory of the Earth, Blackwell Scientific Publications, Boston, pp. 366 (1989).

Website for the Large Igneous Provinces Commission of IAVCEI

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