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Plates vs Plumes: A Geological Controversy

Gillian R. Foulger



p 41, RH column, text lines 4-6 "The volume of melt is less than that of the solid fraction melted, contributing to subsidence." should read "The volume of melt is greater than that of the solid fraction melted, contributing to uplift."
p 45, RH column, text lines 4-8 “Thick conglomerate beds occur beneath the lowest lavas, but they contain both basement and Deccan basalt boulders, so they too must have post-dated the onset of eruptions.” should be deleted.
p 80, Figure 3.2

DS should be ΔS and DT should be ΔT.

Add to caption:

ΔS: the specific heat of melting used;
Cordery: Cordery et al. (1997);
ΔT: the temperature anomaly used, °C;
lith: lithospheric thickness, km;
EPR: East Pacific Rise;
SSC: Small Scale Convection.

p 94, RH column, text line 2nd from bottom "older lavas." should be "younger lavas."
p 147, LH column, text line 15 "…a temperature reduction of 70°C…" should be "…a temperature increase of 70°C…"
p 169, RH column, text line 6 “…is only ~ 100 km in diameter…” should be “…is only ~ 150 km in diameter…”
p 203, RH column, text line 7 "Björnsson et al., 2005" should be "Stein and von Herzen, 2007"

last updated 9th May, 2012