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Plates, Plumes, and Planetary Processes

GSA Special Paper 430


Editors: Gillian R. Foulger & Donna M. Jurdy

Chapters include both plume-advocate and plume-skeptical chapters reviewing and discussing the evidence for and against different "hot spot" genesis hypotheses.

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Book reviews

Review in Marine Geophysical Researches, by Andrew Kerr

Reply to Review by Kerr, by G.R. Foulger & D.M. Jurdy




Foulger, Gillian & D. Jurdy


Research papers
Anderson, Don L. The Eclogite Engine: Chemical geodynamics as a Galileo thermometer
Baksi, Ajoy K.

A quantitative tool for detecting alteration in undisturbed rocks and minerals – I: water, chemical weathering and atmospheric argon

A quantitative tool for detecting alteration in undisturbed rocks and minerals – II: application to argon ages related to hotspots

Beutel, Erin & D.L. Anderson Ridge-crossing seamount chains; a non-thermal approach
Comin-Chiaramonti, P., A. Marzoli, C. de Barros Gomes, V.F. Velásquez, M.M.S. Mantovani, A. Milan, P. Renne, C. Riccomini, C.C.G. Tassinari & P.M. Vasconcelos

Post Paleozoic magmatism from eastern Paraguay

Electronic supplement of Ar/Ar data used

Cuffaro, Marco & C. Doglioni

Global kinematics in deep versus shallow hotspot reference frames


Deuss, Arwen

Seismic observations of transition zone discontinuities beneath hotspot locations

Falloon, Trevor, D.H. Green & L.V. Danyushevsky

Crystallization temperatures of tholeiite parental liquids: Implications for the existence of thermally driven mantle plumes

Fitton, J. Godfrey

The OIB paradox

Electronic supplement of geochemical data used

Foulger, Gillian R.

The “Plate” model for the genesis of melting anomalies

Garnero, Edward J., Thorne Lay and Allen McNamara Implications of lower mantle structural heterogeneity for existence and nature of whole mantle plumes
Geoffroy, Laurent, C. Aubourg, J.-P. Callot & J.-A. Barrat Mechanisms of crustal growth in large igneous provinces: the North-Atlantic Province as a case study

Hamilton, Warren

An alternative Venus

Hooper, Peter R., V. Camp, S. Reidel & M. Ross The origin of the Columbia River flood basalt province: Plume versus nonplume models

Ivanov, Alexei

Evaluation of different models for the origin of the Siberian traps.

Jordan, Brennan T. The mantle plume debate in undergraduate geoscience education: Overview, history, and recommendations

Jurdy, Donna M. & P.R. Stoddard

Venus' Coronae: Impact, plume or other origin?

Keskin, Mehmet Eastern Anatolia: a hot spot in a collision zone without a mantle plumeThe structure of thermal plumes and geophysical observations
King, Scott D. & H.L. Redmond
Kumar, P. Senthil, R. Menon & G. K. Reddy Crustal geotherm in southern Deccan Basalt Province, India: The Moho is as cold as adjoining cratons
Laske, Gabriele, J. Phipps Morgan & J.A. Orcutt

The Hawaiian SWELL pilot experiment - evidence for lithosphere rejuvenation from ocean bottom surface wave data

Electronic supplement (Appendices) included in chapter PDF

Lustrino, Michele & E. Carminati Phantom plumes in Europe and the circum-Mediterranean region

Matyska, Ctirad & D.A. Yuen

Lower mantle material properties and convection models of multiscale plumes

Meyer, Romain, J. van Wijk & L. Gernigon

North Atlantic Igneous Province: A review of models for its formation

Morgan, W. Jason & J.P. Morgan

Plate velocities in the hotspot reference frame

Electronic supplement of details of data used

Natland, J.H. ΔNb and the role of magma mixing at the East Pacific Rise and Iceland
Norton, Ian O. Speculations on Cretaceous tectonic history of the Northwest Pacific and a tectonic origin for the Hawaii hotspot

Reese, Chris, V.S. Solomatov & C.P. Orth

Interaction between local magma ocean evolution and mantle dynamics on Mars

Sager, William W. Divergence between paleomagnetic and hotspot model predicted polar wander for the Pacific plate with implications for hotspot fixity

Sallares, Valenti & A. Calahorrano

Geophysical characterization of mantle melting anomalies: A crustal view

Sears, James Lithospheric control of Gondwana breakup: Implications of a trans-Gondwana icosahedral fracture system
Sensarma, Sarajit A bimodal LIP and the plume debate: The Palaeoproterozoic Dongargarh Group, central India
Sharma, Kamal Kant K-T magmatism and basin tectonism in western Rajasthan, India, results from extensional tectonics and not from Reunion plume activity

Sheth, H.C.

Plume-related regional pre-volcanic uplift in the Deccan Traps: Absence of evidence, evidence of absence

Sleep, Norman H. Origins of the plume hypothesis and some of its implications
Smith, Alan D. A plate model for Jurassic to Recent intraplate volcanism in the Pacific Ocean basin
Srivastava, Rajesh & A.K. Sinha Nd and Sr isotope systematics and geochemistry of plume related early Cretaceous alkaline-mafic-ultramafic igneous complex from Jasra, Shillong Plateau, Northeastern India
Stein, Carol A. & R.P. Von Herzen Potential effects of hydrothermal circulation and magmatism on heat flow at hotspot swells

Stuart, William D., G. R. Foulger & M. Barall

Propagation of the Hawaiian-Emperor volcano chain by Pacific plate cooling stress

Vogt, Peter R. & W.-Y. Jung

Origin of the Bermuda volcanoes and Bermuda Rise: History, observations, models, and puzzles

Xu, Yi-gang, B. He

Thick and high velocity crust in the Emeishan large igneous province, SW China: Evidence for crustal growth by magmatic underplating/intraplating
Yamamoto, Michiko, W.J. Morgan & J.P. Morgan

Global plume-fed asthenosphere flow: (1) motivation and model development

Global plume-fed asthenosphere flow: (2) Application to the geochemical segmentation of mid-ocean ridges

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