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Water beneath the Azores: Mantle melting in a transtensional geodynamic setting

N. Métrich, V. Zanon, L. Créon, A. Hildenbrand, M. Moreira & F.O. Marques

The Azores: Lithospheric processes & linear volcanic ridges

M.C. Neves, J.M. Miranda & J.F. Luis

Re-evaluation of magnetic chrons in the north Atlantic between 35ºN and 55ºN: implications for the development of the Azores

J.F. Luis & J.M. Miranda

The peculiar geochemical signatures of São Miguel (Azores) lavas: metasomatised or recycled mantle sources?

Christoph Beier, Andreas Stracke & Karsten M. Haase

last updated 8th March, 2009