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   Giant dikes

Time correlation between the formation of dyke swarms and crustal extension stages in the Middle Paleozoic Vilyui rift basin, Siberian platform

O.P. Polyansky, A.V. Prokopiev, O.V. Koroleva, M.D. Tomshin, V.V. Reverdatto, A.Y. Selyatitsky, A.V. Travin & D.A. Vasiliev

Unravelling the complexity of upper crustal dike networks in continental rifts: examples from East Africa

J.D. Muirhead, S.A. Kattenhorn & N. Le Corvec

Basement control on dyke distribution in Large Igneous Provinces: Case study of the Karoo triple junction

F. Jourdan, G. Féraud & H. Bertrand

Characteristics and Origin of Giant Radiating Dyke Swarms

Richard E. Ernst

Giant Dikes: Patterns And Plate Tectonics

J. Gregory McHone, Don L. Anderson & Yuri A. Fialko

Radiating Volcanic Migrations: An example from the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.

Vic Camp & Martin Ross

last updated 4th March, 2018