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   South America

Episodic burial and exhumation in NE Brazil after opening of the South Atlantic

P. Japsen, J.M. Bonow, P.F. Green, P.R. Cobbold, D. Chiossi, R. Lilletveit, L.P. Magnavita & A. Pedreira

Influence of pre-salt alignments in the post-Aptian magmatism in the Cabo Frio High and its surroundings, Santos and Campos Basins, SE Brazil: an example of non-plume-related magmatism

Sérgio Goulart Oreiroa, José Antônio Cupertinob, Peter Szatmaric & Antônio Thomaz Filhod


Plumes Beneath the Paraná Basin, Eastern Paraguay: Fact or Fiction?

Piero Comin-Chiaramonti, Marcia Ernesto, Victor Fernandez Velázquez
& Celso de Barro Gomes

last updated 16th February, 2012