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   Plates, Plumes, & Paradigms

CD of Plates, Plumes, and Paradigms
Plates vs Plumes: A Geological Controversy

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Plates, Plumes, and Paradigms

Foulger, G.R., J.H. Natland, D.C. Presnall and D.L. Anderson, Eds., Geological Society of America Special Volume 388, 881 pp, 2005.

Gillian R. Foulger (Editor)
Jeanette Hammann (GSA – book orders)

The chaper titles listed below are linked to the final typeset abstracts. The full chapter texts were taken offline on commencement of book sales in September 2005.

If you require the full text for a one-off chapter, please contact the author or Gillian R. Foulger (Editor).

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PDF offprints: Authors of individual chapters may purchase PDFs of their chapter(s) at $100 each, or get them free if they contributed page charges.
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Anderson, D.L. & J.H. Natland
Anderson, D.L. & Kimberly A. Schramm
Global hotspot maps
Bailey, D.K. & A.R. Woolley
A.K. Baksi
Radiometric ages of hotspot rocks in and around the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans
Björnsson, A., H. Eysteinsson & M. Beblo
Sedimentary evidence for moderate mantle temperature anomalies associated with hotspot volcanism
Valérie Clouard & Alain Bonneville

Ages of seamounts, islands and plateaus on the Pacific Plate

Web supplement

Doglioni, C., D. Green & F. Mongelli
Foulger, G.R., J.H. Natland & D.L. Anderson
Green, D.H. & T.J. Falloon
Hofmeister, A.M. & R.E. Criss
Ivanov, A.V. and S.O. Balyshev
Jones, A.P., K. Wunemann & D. Price
Julian, B.R.
Lay, T.
Liégeois, J.-P., A. Benhallou, A. Azzouni-Sekkal, R. Yahiaoui & B. Bonin
Lundin, E.R. & A.G. Doré
Manea, V.C., M. Manea, V. Kostoglodov & G. Sewell

Matias, A. & D. M. Jurdy

Impact craters as indicators of tectonic and volcanic activity in the Beta-Atla-Themis region, Venus

McHone, J.G., D.L. Anderson, E.K. Beutel & Y.A. Fialko

Giant dikes, rifts, flood basalts and plate tectonics: a contention of mantle models

Meibom, A., N.H. Sleep, K. Zahnle, & D.L. Anderson
Natland, J.H. & E.L. Winterer
Parman, S.T. & T.L. Grove
Peccerillo, A. & M. Lustrino
Rocchi, S. & Gianfranco Di Vincenzo
Sandwell, D.T., D.L. Anderson and P. Wessel
Sharma, K.K.
Smith, A.D.
Stofan, E.R. & S.E. Smrekar
Vita-Finzi, C., R.J. Howarth, S.W. Tapper & C.A. Robinson
Vogt, P.R. & W.-Y. Jung
Walker, K.T., G.H.R. Bokelmann, S.L. Klemperer & A. Nyblade
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