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   Tristan da Cunha

South Atlantic opening: A plume-induced breakup?

T. Fromm, L. Planert, W. Jokat, T. Ryberg, J.H. Behrmann, C. Haberland & M. Weber

The Headless Tristan da Cunha Mantle Plume

E.R.V. Rocha Júnior, L.S. Marques, F.B. Machado, & A.J.R. Nardy

Shallow magma sources during continental rifting and breakup of the South Atlantic

Dieter Franke, Karl Hinz, Stefan Ladage, Soenke Neben, Michael Schnabel, Bernd Schreckenberger

Plumes Beneath the Paraná Basin, Eastern Paraguay: Fact or Fiction?

Piero Comin-Chiaramonti, Marcia Ernesto, Victor Fernandez Velázquez & Celso de Barro Gomes

Sea-floor spreading and deformation processes in the South Atlantic Ocean: Are hot spots needed?

J. Derek Fairhead & Marjorie Wilson

last updated 9th October, 2016