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   Vertical motions
Dynamic topography and the nature of deep thick plumes

W.D. Frazer & J. Korenaga

Late Miocene fish fossils in Utah support accelerated extension and subsidence, not thermal uplift or a continental divide in the Eastern Snake River Plain

G.R. Smith & P.H. McClellan

A link between deglaciation and rifting of Cimmeria

J.G. Shellnutt & M.-W. Yeh

Episodic burial and exhumation in NE Brazil after opening of the South Atlantic

P. Japsen, J.M. Bonow, P.F. Green, P.R. Cobbold, D. Chiossi, R. Lilletveit, L.P. Magnavita & A. Pedreira

Plume Head - Continental Lithosphere Interaction
Using a Tectonically Realistic Lithosphere

E. Burov & L. Guillou-Frottier

last updated 10th February, 2023