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   Volcanic margins

Intraplate deformation of oceanic crust in the West Somali Basin

D. Sauter, J.C. Ringenbach, M. Cannat, T. Maurin, G. Manatschal, K.G. McDermott

Orogenic inheritance & continental breakup: Wilson Cycle-control on rift and passive margin evolution

K.D. Petersen & C. Schiffer

Rifted continental margins: Geometric control on crustal architecture and melting

E.R. Lundin, T.F. Redfield, & G. Peron-Pindivic

No major control by hot-spot-related mantle processes on the evolution of the Laptev Sea, the South China Sea, and the southern South Atlantic

D. Franke

From Rifting to Rupture: Why Margins Rise Prior to Breaking up

R. Esedo, J. van Wijk, D. Coblentz, & R. Meyer

Decompressional Melting During Extension of Continental Lithosphere

Jolante van Wijk

Tectonic and deep crustal structures along the Norwegian volcanic margin: Implications for the “Mantle Plume or Not?” debate

Laurent Gernigon, Sverre Planke, Jean-Claude Ringenbach & Bernard Le Gall

last updated 14th February, 2019