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Don L. Anderson passed away peacefully at his home in Cambria in the early morning of Tuesday, 2nd December, 2014.

The mantleplumes community extends its sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Condolences page

The Interdisciplinary Earth: A volume in honor of Don L. Anderson


Don L. Anderson (1933–2014)

an obituary, by Adam M. Dziewonski

Don Lynn Anderson

an obituary by Bruce R. Julian & Gillian R. Foulger



An interview with Don L. Anderson (Condensed version, 22:34)

Part 1: The Evolution of a Scientist (26:40)

Part 2: Theory of the Earth (11:19)
An explanation of the hypothesis that the theory of convective mantle plumes in the Earth is invalid.

Part 3: Enduring Myths (9:09)

Part 4: Global Warming (5:28)
Although the interior of our planet is cooling, the atmosphere is warming due to extractin of fossil fuels from the crust. This is called the Greenhouse Effect and there is no paradox.

Complete interview with chapter dividers (Full version, 51:02)






What Planet Do You Live On Anyway?

The Geologic of Scientific Discovery

Don L. Anderson


A Metaphorical Voyage Into Minds and Planets inspired by Dante and Lewis Carroll

The Last Chalkboard

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