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   DLA slide presentations
DLA slide presentations

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Helium Notes

What is This?

Unfinished Manuscripts

Region C vs. the Transition Zone

Artefacts & Optical Illusions in Tomography

Thinking Outside the Box

Thermal Overshoots & Subadiabatic Gradients

The Last Lecture

The Helium & Carbon Footprints of the Mantle

Shear Coincidences

Ridges, Trenches & Hotspots Tutorial

Oxford 10 Final

Putting Physics Back Into Seismology

John Woodhouse Symposium, Oxford, March 2014

Why do Migrating TJs Suddenly Start Erupting Large Volumes of MORB?

The Helium, Neon & Carbon Footprints of the Mantle

MORB From the Transition Zone B

Mantle Dynamics & Petrology

LVAs & Superplumes


Layered Mantle Convection

Layered Mantle Convection: Flat Slabs

Karoo & SAMFRAU Flood Basalts

Images of Plume Bottoms

The Hindsight Heresy

Top-down tectonics: Flat Slabs in Convergent Regions

Eclogite Cycle

Deep Ridges 3

Cold Ridge Mantle


The Tail of the Plume

Ambient Mantle

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