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Supercontinental inheritance & its influence on breakup: The Central Atlantic Magmatic Province & Pangea

L. Whalen, E. Gazel, C. Vidito, J. Puffer, M. Bizimis, W. Henika, & M.J. Caddick

Crustal Recycling in the Source of CAMP

S. Callegaro, H. Bertrand, A. Marzoli, G. Bellieni, L. Reisberg, M. Chiaradia, C. Meyzen & R. Merle

Non-radial dikes of the CAMP reveal tectonic source

Erin Beutel

Video streamed lecture (hosted by the USGS):

The Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) compared and contrasted with other continental flood basalt provinces

P. Renne

Global warming of the mantle at the origin of flood basalts over supercontinents

N. Coltice, B.R. Phillips, H. Bertrand, Y. Ricard & P. Rey

last updated 16th December, 2013