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Yu Wang, I. Ukstins Peate, Zhaohua Luo, Shuzhi Wang, Lilu Cheng, Jinhua Hao & Ye Wang

Strain Localization at the Margins of Strong Lithospheric Domains: Insights From Analog Models

E. Calignano, D. Sokoutis, E. Willingshofer, F. Gueydan, S. Cloetingh

Effects of lithospheric yield stresses and mantle-heating modes on Pangea breakup

Masaki Yoshida

Continental rifting: analogue modeling and comparison with East African Rift System

G. Corti

Continental Delamination: Insights from Laboratory Models

F. Bajolet, J. Galeano, F. Funiciello, M. Moroni, A.-M. Negredo, C. Faccenna


last updated 10th October, 2020