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   Slab breakoff

Passive margin magmatism caused by enhanced slab pull forces

Wei Dan, Qiang Wang, W.M. White, Xian-Hua Li, Xiu-Zheng Zhang & Gong-Jian Tang

Ying Zhou

Magmatic record of India-Asia collision

D.-C. Zhu, Q. Wang, Z.-D. Zhao, S.-L. Chung, P. A. Cawood, Y. Niu, S.-A. Liu, F.-Y. Wu, X.-X. Mo

Domal uplift and volcanism in a collision zone without a mantle plume: Evidencefrom Eastern Anatolia

Mehmet Keskin

The Geochemical Puzzle of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt: Mantle Plume, Continental Rifting, or Mantle Perturbation Induced by Subduction?

Luca Ferrari

last updated 6th August, 2022