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Late Miocene fish fossils in Utah support accelerated extension and subsidence, not thermal uplift or a continental divide in the Eastern Snake River Plain

G.R. Smith & P.H. McClellan

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Compiled by Robert (Bob) B. Smith
November 22, 2020

Ying Zhou

Yellowstone time-progressive volcanism results from time-progressive extension

G.R. Foulger

Missing Pb, High 3He/4He, Ancient Sulfides and Continent Formation

S. Huang, C.-T. A. Lee & Q.-Z. Yin

Mantle Transition Zone Discontinuities Beneath Yellowstone Imaged Using Multiply-Reflected P-to-S Conversions

S.S. Gao & K.H. Liu

Cenozoic Extensional Basin Development and Sedimentation in SW Montana

R.C. Thomas


G.R. Foulger

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