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Recent papers & books relevant to the debate regarding the origin of hot spots
If you want a PDF offprint of any of the papers listed below, and one is not available, please email the corresponding author requesting one in the first instance. If for some reason this does not work, e.g., if the authors cannot be reached, please email the website manager and one will be posted where possible.
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last updated 15th March, 2015

He, Yumei, Lianxing Wen, Yann Capdeville, Liang Zhao, Seismic evidence for an Iceland thermo-chemical plume in the Earth's lowermost mantle, Earth Planet.Sci. Lett., 417, 19-27, 2015.

Bizimis,Michae andl Anne H. Peslier, Water in Hawaiian garnet pyroxenites: Implications for water heterogeneity in the mantle, Chemical Geology, 397, 61-75, 2015.

Peslier, Anne H., Michael Bizimis, Mark Matney, Water disequilibrium in olivines from Hawaiian peridotites: Recent metasomatism, H diffusion and magma ascent rates Geochim. et Cosmochim. Acta, 154, 98-117

Monteux, Julien, Hagay Amit, Gaël Choblet, Benoit Langlais, Gabriel Tobie, Giant impacts, heterogeneous mantle heating and a past hemispheric dynamo on Mars, PEPI, 240, 114-124, 2015.

Day, James M.D., Peter H. Barry, David R. Hilton, Ray Burgess, D. Graham Pearson, Lawrence A. Taylor, The helium flux from the continents and ubiquity of low-3He/4He recycled crust and lithosphere, Geochim. et Cosmochim. Acta., 153, 116-133, 2015.

Szymanowski, Dawid, Ben S. Ellis, Olivier Bachmann, Marcel Guillong, William M. Phillips, Bridging basalts and rhyolites in the Yellowstone–Snake River Plain volcanic province: The elusive intermediate step, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 415, 80-89, 2015.

Wang, Yongming, Jinshui Huang and Shijie Zhong, Episodic and multistaged gravitational instability of cratonic lithosphere and its implications for reactivation of the North China Craton, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, Accepted manuscript online: 19 FEB 2015 08:11AM EST | DOI: 10.1002/2014GC005681

Sheth, Hetu, Khachatur Meliksetian, Hripsime Gevorgyan, Arsen Israyelyan, Intracanyon basalt lavas of the Debed River (northern Armenia), part of a Pliocene-Pleistocene continental flood basalt province in the South Caucasus, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, in press.

Doglioni, C. & G. Panza, Polarized Plate Tectonics, Advances in Geophysics, 56, ISSN 0065-2687,, 2015.

Aivazpourporgou, Sahereh, Stephan Thiel, Patrick C. Hayman, Louis N. Moresi and Graham Heinson, Decompression melting driving intraplate volcanism in Australia: Evidence from magnetotelluric sounding, Geophys. Res. Lett., 42, 346–354, article first published online: 29 JAN 2015 | DOI: 10.1002/2014GL060088

Stamps, D. S., G. Iaffaldano and E. Calais, Role of mantle flow in Nubia-Somalia plate divergence, Geophys. Res. Lett., 42, 290–296, DOI: 10.1002/2014GL062515.

Castillo, P.R., The recycling of marine carbonates and sources of HIMU and FOZO ocean island basalts, LIthos, 216-217, 254-263, 2015.

Green, D.H., Experimental petrology of peridotites, including effects of water and carbon on melting in the Earth’s upper mantle, Phys Chem Minerals, published online 23 January, 2015, DOI 10.1007/s00269-014-0729-2

Stern, T. A., S. A. Henrys, D. Okaya, J. N. Louie, M. K. Savage, S. Lamb, H. Sato, R. Sutherland & T. Iwasaki, A seismic reflection image for the base of a tectonic plate, Nature, 518, 85–88, 2015, doi:10.1038/nature14146, Published online 04 February 2015 Click here for News & Views

Wei, S. Shawn, Douglas A. Wiens, Yang Zha, Terry Plank, Spahr C. Webb, Donna K. Blackman, Robert A. Dunn & James A. Conder, Seismic evidence of effects of water on melt transport in the Lau back-arc mantle, Nature, Published online 02 February 2015, doi:10.1038/nature14113

Ballmer, Maxim D., Clinton P. Conrad, Eugene I. Smith and Racheal Johnsen, Intraplate volcanism at the edges of the Colorado Plateau sustained by a combination of triggered edge-driven convection and shear-driven upwelling, Accepted manuscript online: 20 JAN 2015 05:38PM EST | DOI: 10.1002/2014GC005641

Andersen, Morten B., Tim Elliott, Heye Freymuth, Kenneth W. W. Sims, Yaoling Niu & Katherine A. Kelley, The terrestrial uranium isotope cycle, Nature, 517, 356–359, 2015, doi:10.1038/nature14062.

Davies, D.R., S. Goes, M. Sambridge, On the relationship between volcanic hotspot locations, the reconstructed eruption sites of large igneous provinces and deep mantle seismic structure, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 411, 121-130, 2015.

Wang, Jian, Chun-Feng Li, Crustal magmatism and lithospheric geothermal state of western North America and their implications for a magnetic mantle, Tectonophysics, 638, 112-125, 2015.

Cabato, Joan A., Christopher J. Stefano, Samuel B. Mukasa, Volatile concentrations in olivine-hosted melt inclusions from the Columbia River flood basalts and associated lavas of the Oregon Plateau: Implications for magma genesis, Chemical Geology, 392, 59-73, 2015.

Weinberg, Roberto F., Pavlína Hasalová, Water-fluxed melting of the continental crust: A review, Lithos, 212–215, 158-188, 2015.

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