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Passive margin magmatism caused by enhanced slab pull forces

Wei Dan, Qiang Wang, W.M. White, Xian-Hua Li, Xiu-Zheng Zhang & Gong-Jian Tang

Yu Wang, I. Ukstins Peate, Zhaohua Luo, Shuzhi Wang, Lilu Cheng, Jinhua Hao & Ye Wang

Post-orogenic unrooting and collapse in double suture systems: insights from the Western Dabie Orogen

Liming Dai, Sanzhong Li, Zhong-Hai Li, I. Somerville & Xiaochun Liu

Crustal contamination vs. an enriched mantle source for intracontinental mafic rocks: Insights from early Paleozoic mafic rocks of the South China Block

Wenjing Xu, Xisheng Xu & Gang Zeng

Water in the upper mantle and deep crust of eastern China: concentration, distribution and implications

Qun-Ke Xia, Jia Liu, I. Kovács, Yan-Tao Hao, Pei Li, Xiao-Zhi Yang, Huan Chen, Yin-Min Sheng

Big mantle wedge and intraplate volcanism in Northeast Asia

D. Zhao

Heterogeneous source components of intraplate basalts from E China from ongoing Pacific slab subduction

Huan Chen, Qun-Ke Xia, J. Ingrin, E. Deloule, Yao Bi

Strain Localization at the Margins of Strong Lithospheric Domains: Insights From Analog Models

E. Calignano, D. Sokoutis, E. Willingshofer, F. Gueydan, S. Cloetingh

Recycling of oceanic crust from a stagnant slab in the mantle transition zone: Evidence from Cenozoic continental basalts in Zhejiang Province, SE China

Y.-Q. Li, C.-Q. Ma, P.T. Robinson, Q. Zhou, M.-L. Liu

Are continental "adakites" derived from thickened or foundered lower crust?

Q. Ma, J.-P. Zheng, Y.-G. Xu, W.L. Griffin & R.-S. Zhang

Large Igneous Provinces linked to supercontinent assembly

Yu Wang, M. Santosh, Zhaohua Luo & Jinhua Hao

The Jiaodong gold district, northeastern China: Late Paleozoic and Late Mesozoic LIPs, orogeny and metallogeny in Eurasia

Hugo de Boorder

Origin of continental basalts: pyroxenite source and melt-peridotite interaction

Y.-F. Zheng, J.-J. Zhang & Z.-F. Zhao

P-wave tomography and origin of the Changbai intraplate volcano in Northeast Asia

Jianshe Lei

Recycling deep cratonic lithosphere and generation of intraplate magmatism in the North China Craton

S. Gao,  R.L. Rudnick, W.-L Xu, H.-L. Yuan, Y.-S. Liu, R.J. Walker, I.S. Puchtel, X. Liu, H. Huang, X.-R. Wang& J. Yang

Recycled crust controls contrasting source compositions of Mesozoic and Cenozoic basalts in the North China Craton

Yongsheng Liu, Shan Gao, Peter B. Kelemen & Wenliang Xu

Diffuse, long-lived Cenozoic volcanism in Mongolia; thermally anomalous upper mantle?

T. L. Barry, A. D. Saunders & P. D. Kempton

Topography, geoid and gravity anomalies in Western Mongolia

Carole Petit, Jacques Déverchère, Eric Calais & Vladimir San’kov

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