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Trace Element and Isotopic Evidence for Recycled Lithosphere from Basalts from 48-53°E, SW Indian Ridge

Jixin Wang, Huaiyang Zhou, Vincent J. M. Salters, H.J. B. Dick, J.J. Standish & Conghui Wang

Supercontinent transition: Links to ~1.1 Gyr diamondiferous kimberlites and related rocks in India

A. Pandey & N.V. Chalapathi Rao

K.M. Sreejith, P. Unnikrishnan & M. Radhakrishna

Xing Yu & H. Dick

Magmatic record of India-Asia collision

D.-C. Zhu, Q. Wang, Z.-D. Zhao, S.-L. Chung, P. A. Cawood, Y. Niu, S.-A. Liu, F.-Y. Wu, X.-X. Mo

The RHUM-RUM project to image the mantle under Réunion

Age of Seychelles-India break-up

J.S. Collier, V. Sansom, O. Ishizuka, R.N. Taylor, T.A. Minshull & R.B. Whitmarsh

Cretaceous-Tertiary Tectono-Magmatism in the NW Indian shield: A fragmenting continent

K.K. Sharma

Plume-related regional pre-volcanic uplift in the Deccan Traps: Absence of evidence, evidence of absence

Hetu C. Sheth

The Deccan beyond the plume hypothesis

Hetu C. Sheth

The Deccan volcanic province: Thoughts about its genesis

S. Rajan, Anju Tiwary & Dhananjai Pandey

Malani: The Neoproterozoic Malani Magmatism, northwestern Indian shield: Not a plume product

Kamal K. Sharma

Dhanjori: Large Igneous Provinces, Mantle Plumes and Uplift:
A Case Study from the Dhanjori Formation, India

Rajat Mazumder

last updated 30th November, 2021