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   Lithosphere thinning

LIP formation and protracted lower mantle upwelling induced by rifting and delamination

K.D. Petersen, C. Schiffer & T. Nagel

Instability Migration (Delamination) and the Geological Record

Tim Stern

Crustal eclogitization and lithosphere delamination in orogens

N.J. Krystopowicz & C. A. Currie

Continental Delamination: Insights from Laboratory Models

F. Bajolet, J. Galeano, F. Funiciello, M. Moroni, A.-M. Negredo, C. Faccenna

Initiation of Rayleigh–Taylor Instabilities in Intra-Cratonic Settings

W. Gorczyka, B. Hobbs & T. Gerya

Deep and near-surface consequences of root removal by asymmetric continental delamination

J.L. Valera, A.M. Negredoand I. Jiménez-Munt

The layered mantle revisited: An eclogite reservoir

Don L. Anderson

Continental magmatism caused by lithospheric gravitational instability

Linda T. Elkins-Tanton

last updated 12th October, 2019