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   Iceland & Greenland

G.R. Foulger, L. Gernigon & L. Geoffroy

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R. Stephenson, C. Schiffer, A L. Peace, S.B. Nielsen & S. Jess

Crustal fragmentation, magmatism, and the diachronous opening of the Norwegian-Greenland Sea

L. Gernigon, D. Franke, L. Geoffroy, C. Schiffer, G.R. Foulger & M. Stoker

Large-scale Structural Inheritance in the Circum-North Atlantic Region

C. Schiffer, A.G. Doré, G.R. Foulger, D. Franke, L. Geoffroy, L. Gernigon, R.E. Holdsworth, N. Kusznir, E. Lundin, K.J.W. McCaffrey, A.L. Peace, K. Petersen, T. Phillips, R. Stephenson, M. Stoker, J.K. Welford

D.B. Clarke & E.K. Beutel

Iceland Microcontinent & a continental Greenland-Iceland-Faroe Ridge

G.R. Foulger, A. Doré, C.H Emeleus, D. Franke, L. Geoffroy, L. Gernigon, R. Hey, R.E. Holdsworth, M. Hole, Á. Höskuldsson, B.R. Julian, N. Kusznir, F. Martinez, K.J.W. McCaffrey, J.H. Natland, A.L. Peace, K. Petersen, C. Schiffer, R. Stephenson & M. Stoker

M.J. Hole & J.H. Natland

The relationship between Pangaea breakup and Large Igneous Provinces

A.L. Peace, J.J.J. Phethean, D. Franke, G.R. Foulger, C. Schiffer, J.K. Welford, G. McHone, S. Rocchi, M. Schnabel & A.G. Doré

A sub-crustal piercing point for North Atlantic reconstructions and tectonic implications

C. Schiffer, R.A. Stephenson, K.D. Petersen, S.B. Nielsen, B.H. Jacobsen, N. Balling & D.I.M. Macdonald

Marine geophysical survey of the active Reykjanes Ridge reorganization tip – implications for the radially expanding Iceland plume model

R. Hey, F. Martinez, Á. Höskuldsson, D.E. Eason, J. Sleeper, S. Thordarson, Á. Benediktsdóttir, S. Merkuryev

The stress pattern of Iceland

M. Ziegler, O. Heidbach, M. Rajabi, G.P. Hersir, K. Ágústsson, S. Árnadóttir, A. Zang

The Norway Basin and the Jan Mayen “microcontinent”: Insights from new high-resolution aeromagnetic surveys

L. Gernigon, A. Blischke, A. Nasuti & M. Sand

Curious styles of spreading in and around Iceland

G.R. Foulger

Evolution of the Reykjanes Ridge during the past 15 Ma

Á. Benediktsdóttir, R. Hey, F. Martinez & Á. Höskuldsson


North Atlantic geoid high, volcanism & glaciations

Eugenio Carminati & Carlo Doglioni

The pulsing Iceland plume: A personal evolution from believer to agnostic

R. Hey

West Greenland Glass in Picrite – Low-pressure Cotectic Differentiates or Independent Compositions?

J. Natland

West Greenland was hot – how else can you make 22,000 km3 of picrites?

L.M. Larsen & A.K. Pedersen

Eruptive Temperatures of the Paleogene Picrites of West Greenland and Baffin Bay

James H. Natland

Iceland & the North Atlantic Igneous Province

Gillian R. Foulger

The Iceland “Anomaly” – An Outcome of Plate Tectonics

Erik Lundin & Tony Doré

Origin of the Iceland hotspot and the North Atlantic Igneous Province

Jun Korenaga

last updated 5th February, 2023