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   Mantle reservoirs & heterogeneity

Geochemical transfer from the subducting crust into the mantle

Yong-Fei Zheng

Mid-Lithospheric Discontinuity and a new hypothesis for oceanic plateau genesis

Zhensheng (Jason) Wang, T.M. Kusky & F.A. Capitanio

Are continental "adakites" derived from thickened or foundered lower crust?

Q. Ma, J.-P. Zheng, Y.-G. Xu, W.L. Griffin & R.-S. Zhang

The longevity of Archean mantle residues in the convecting upper mantle and their role in young continent formation

J. Liu, J.M. Scott, C.E. Martin & D.G. Pearson

Crustal eclogitization and lithosphere delamination in orogens

Neil J. Krystopowicz & Claire A. Currie

Thermal State and Geochemical Composition of the Mantle. What can we Infer from Igneous Rocks?

A Powerpoint presentation
Michele Lustrino

Do we really need mantle reservoirs to define mantle processes?

P. Armienti & D. Gasperini

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Subuction erosion

C.R. Stern

Ancient lithosphere blobs beneath the oceans: spelling out the geochemists’ alphabet and understanding ocean basin lithosphere

S. O’Reilly, M. Zhang, W. Griffin & G. Begg

The role of mantle heterogeneities in magma generation and geodynamics

a video-streamed lecture

A.V. Sobolev

Recycling deep cratonic lithosphere and generation of intraplate magmatism in the North China Craton

Shan Gao,  Roberta L. Rudnick, Wen-Liang Xu, Hong-Lin Yuan, Yong-Sheng Liu, Richard J. Walker, Igor S. Puchtel, Xiaomin Liu, Hua Huang, Xiao-Rui Wang & Jie Yang

Recycled crust controls contrasting source compositions of Mesozoic and Cenozoic basalts in the North China Craton

Yongsheng Liu, Shan Gao,  Peter B. Kelemen & Wenliang Xu

Basaltic magmatism influenced by high-pressure basaltic lithologies stored in the upper mantle

Michele Lustrino

Origin of continental basalts: pyroxenite source and melt-peridotite interaction

Y.-F. Zheng, J.-J. Zhang & Z.-F. Zhao

"Mantle plumes" are NOT from ancient oceanic crust

Yaoling Niu & Mike J. O'Hara

Shallow convective mantle origin for the OIB-type, mid-plate lavas of western Turkey: Implications for fertility anomaly zones in the upper mantle

Ercan Aldanmaz

The layered mantle revisited : An eclogite reservoir

Don L. Anderson

Does the variation in 3He/4He prove that MORB and OIB come from different reservoirs?

Don L. Anderson

The isotopic signature in OIB mantle sources : the metasomatic alternative

Sébastien Pilet, Jean Hernandez & Paul J. Sylvester

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