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   Migrating volcanism

Xing Yu & H. Dick

Westward migration of oceanic ridges and asymmetric upper mantle differentiation

F. Chalot-Prat, C. Doglioni & T. Falloon


Magmatic record of India-Asia collision

D.-C. Zhu, Q. Wang, Z.-D. Zhao, S.-L. Chung, P. A. Cawood, Y. Niu, S.-A. Liu, F.-Y. Wu, X.-X. Mo

Domal uplift and volcanism in a collision zone without a mantle plume: Evidencefrom Eastern Anatolia

Mehmet Keskin

Instability Migration (Delamination) and the Geological Record

Tim Stern

Quartz Mountain obsidian

The Oregon High Lava Plains: Proof against a plume origin for Yellowstone?

Brennan T. Jordan

"Ridge-crossing" hotspots

E. Beutel & D.L. Anderson

The Geochemical Puzzle of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt: Mantle Plume, Continental Rifting, or Mantle Perturbation Induced by Subduction?

Luca Ferrari


last updated 28th June, 2020