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Ying Zhou

Water-driven generation of picritic melts in the Middle to Late Triassic Stuhini arc, Stikine terrane, British Columbia, Canada

D. Milidragovic, J.B. Chapman, S. Bichlmaier, D. Canil & A. Zagorevski

Origin of the Columbia River Basalt: Passive ascent of shallow mantle, or active upwelling of a deep-mantle plume?

V. Camp

Subduction-triggered magmatic pulses: a new class of plumes?

C. Faccenna, T.W. Becker, S. Lallemand, Y. Lagabrielle, F. Funiciello & C. Piromallo

Discussion of this webpage

Intraplate Magmatism in the SW US: The Colorado Plateau Edges

J. van Wijk, W.S. Baldridge, J. van Hunen, S. Goes, R. Aster, D. Coblentz, S.P. Grand, & J. Ni

Cenozoic Extensional Basin Development and Sedimentation in SW Montana

R.C. Thomas

The Columbia River Flood Basalts: Consequence of subduction-related processes

A. Ivanov

Crustal seismology helps constrain the nature of mantle melting anomalies: The Galápagos Volcanic Province

Valentí Sallarès, Philippe Charvis, Ernst R. Flueh, Joerg Bialas and the SALIERI Scientific Party

Delamination Origin for Columbia River Flood Basalts and Wallowa Mountains Uplift

David L. Abt, T.C. Hales, Eugene D. Humphreys & Joshua J. Roering

from Mahoney & Coffin, 1997

The Columbia River Basalts & Yellowstone Hot Spot: A Mantle Plume?

Peter R. Hooper

Quartz Mountain obsidian

The Oregon High Lava Plains: Proof against a plume origin for Yellowstone?

Brennan T. Jordan

Radiating Volcanic Migrations: An example from the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.

Vic Camp & Martin Ross


G. R. Foulger

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