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   Stress & strain

Breaking Earth's shell into a global plate network

C.A. Tang, A.A.G. Webb, W.B. Moore, Y.Y. Wang, T.H. Ma & T.T. Chen

R. Stephenson, C. Schiffer, A L. Peace, S.B. Nielsen & S. Jess

Unravelling the complexity of upper crustal dike networks in continental rifts: examples from East Africa

J.D. Muirhead, S.A. Kattenhorn & N. Le Corvec

Strain Localization at the Margins of Strong Lithospheric Domains: Insights From Analog Models

E. Calignano, D. Sokoutis, E. Willingshofer, F. Gueydan, S. Cloetingh

“When I say plume,” Humpty Dumpty said, “it means just what I choose it to mean.”

Crack and Stress Mechanisms for Intraplate Magmatism: A Bibliography

Don L. Anderson

last updated 3rd December, 2021