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The offshore East African Rift and the Comoros hotspot

D. Franke

Unravelling the complexity of upper crustal dike networks in continental rifts: examples from East Africa

J.D. Muirhead, S.A. Kattenhorn & N. Le Corvec

The western edge of the African Large Low Shear Velocity Province

D. Sun & M.S. Miller

Evolution of the African Rift System and Atlantic Continental Margins

J.D. Fairhead, C.M. Green, S.M. Masterton & R. Guiraud

Continental rifting: analogue modeling and comparison with East African Rift System

G. Corti

Ancient continental lithospheric mantle beneath oceanic islands – Cape Verde Archipelago

S. O’Reilly, M. Coltorti, C. Bonadiman, W. Griffin & N. Pearson

Southern African topography and erosion history:
plumes or plate tectonics?

A. Moore, T. Blenkinsop & F. Cotterill

Continental Flood Basalts and Mantle Plumes: a Case Study of the Northern Ethiopian Plateau

L. Beccaluva, G. Bianchini, C. Natali & F. Siena

Controls of post-Gondwana alkaline volcanism in southern Africa

A. Moore, T. Blenkinsop & F. Cotterill

Asthenospheric upwelling and lithosphere rejuvenation beneath the Hoggar swell, Algeria: evidence from mantle xenoliths

L. Beccaluva, A. Azzouni-Sekkal, A. Benhallou, G. Bianchini, R.M. Ellam, M. Marzola, F. Siena & F.M. Stuart

Basement control on dyke distribution in Large Igneous Provinces: Case study of the Karoo triple junction

F. Jourdan, G. Féraud & H. Bertrand

D. Ken. Bailey & Alan R. Woolley

The Canary Islands Hot Spot

José Mangas Viñuela

South Atlantic: Sea-floor spreading and deformation processes in the South Atlantic Ocean: Are hot spots needed?

J. Derek Fairhead & Marjorie Wilson

The Hoggar swell and volcanism, Tuareg shield, Central Sahara: Intraplate reactivation of Precambrian structures as a result of Alpine convergence

Jean-Paul Liégeois

last updated 12th January, 2016