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A paradigm change:
Lithospheric lid thickness, not mantle potential temperature, controls extent of mantle melting, depth of melt extraction & basalt compositions in all tectonic settings on Earth

Yaoling Niu

Breaking Earth's shell into a global plate network

C.A. Tang, A.A.G. Webb, W.B. Moore, Y.Y. Wang, T.H. Ma & T.T. Chen

Origin of high-Mg melts by volatile fluxing without significant excess of temperature

A.V. Ivanov, S.B. Mukasa, V.S. Kamenetsky, M. Ackerson, E.I. Demonterova, B.G. Pokrovsky, N.V. Vladykin, M.V. Kolesnichenko, K.D. Litasov, D.A. Zedgenizov

Genesis of Basaltic Magmas, Petrology of the Upper Mantle, and Nature of the Lithosphere/Asthenosphere Boundary

D.H. Green

Hotspot Swells Revisited

S.D. King & C. Adam


Global warming of the mantle at the origin of flood basalts over supercontinents

N. Coltice, B.R. Phillips, H. Bertrand, Y. Ricard & P. Rey

Thermal State and Geochemical Composition of the Mantle. What can we Infer from Igneous Rocks?

A Powerpoint presentation
Michele Lustrino

The highly magnesian dike rocks of Vestfjella (W Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica): implications for sublithospheric mantle sources & the origin of the Karoo LIP

J.S. Heinonen & A.V. Luttinen

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Heat Transport in Melts, Minerals, Glasses, and Rocks: Implications for Magma Genesis

A.M. Hofmeister, A.G. Whittington & P.I. Nabelek

Olivine control temperatures

West Greenland Glass in Picrite – Low-pressure Cotectic Differentiates or Independent Compositions?

J. Natland

West Greenland was hot – how else can you make 22,000 km3 of picrites?

L.M. Larsen & A.K. Pedersen

Eruptive Temperatures of the Paleogene Picrites of West Greenland and Baffin Bay

J.H. Natland

Why olivine control arguments cannot be used to infer high temperature at Samoa

J. Natland

No plumes along mid-ocean ridges

D. Presnall

Heatflow on hotspot swells

R.N. Harris

Potential Temperature Variations Along Spreading Centers

Dean C. Presnall

Primary magmas at mid-ocean ridges, ‘hot-spots’ and other intraplate settings: constraints on mantle potential temperatures

David H. Green

Sedimentary Evidence for Moderate Mantle Temperature Anomalies Associated with Hotspot Volcanism

Peter D. Clift

Energetics of the Earth and the Missing Heat Source Mystery

Don L. Anderson

The Superswell and Darwin Rise: Thermal no longer?

Carol A. Stein & Seth Stein

Why is heat flow not high at hotspots?

Carol A. Stein & Seth Stein

last updated 10th February, 2023