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Papers & books relevant to the debate regarding the origin of hot spots, published in 2005
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Green, H.W., Psychology of a Changing Paradigm: 40+ Years of High-Pressure Metamorphism, International Geology Review, 47, 439–456, 2005.

Lei. Jianshe & D. Zhao, P-wave tomography and origin of the Changbai intraplate volcano in Northeast Asia, Tectonophysics, 397, 281– 295, 2005.

Bourgeois, O., O. Dauteuil and E. Hallot, Rifting above a mantle plume: structure and development of the Iceland Plateau, Geodinamica Acta, 18, 1–22, 2005.

Plank, T., Constraints from Thorium/Lanthanum on Sediment Recycling at Subduction Zones and the Evolution of the Continents, J. Pet., 46, 921-944, 2005

Kumar, P.S., An alternative kinematic interpretation of Thetis Boundary Shear Zone, Venus: Evidence for strike-slip ductile duplexes, J. Geophys. Res., 110, E07001, doi:10.1029/2004JE002387, 2005.

Kumar, P.S., Structural effects of meteorite impact on basalt: Evidence from Lonar crater, India, J. Geophys. Res., 110, B12402, doi:10.1029/2005JB003662, 2005.

Mesozoic to Cenozoic Alkaline Magmatism in the Brazilian Platform

Edusp/Fapesp, Sao Paulo, 2005, 736 pp. 500 illustrations
P. Comin-Chiaramonti
C. de Barros Gomes

Prakasa Rao, G.S. and H. C. Tewari, The seismic structure of the Saurashtra crust in northwest India and its relationship with the Reunion Plume, Geophys. J. Int., 160, 318–330, doi: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2004.02448.x, 2005

Nishio, Y., S. Nakai, T. Kogiso & H.G. Barsczus, Lithium, strontium, and neodymium isotopic compositions of oceanic island basalts in the Polynesian region: constraints on a Polynesian HIMU origin, Geochemical Journal, 39, 91-103, 2005.

Geoffroy, L., Volcanic Passive margins, C. R. Geoscience, 337, 1395-1408, 2005.

Reidel, S.P., A Lava Flow without a Source: The Cohassett Flow and Its Compositional Components, Sentinel Bluffs Member, Columbia River Basalt Group, J. Geology, 113, 1-21, 2005.

Campbell, I.H., Large Igneous Provinces and the mantle plume hypothesis, Elements, 1, 265-269, 2006.

Macpherson,C.G., D.R. Hilton, D.F. Mertz, T.J. Dunai, Sources, degassing, and contamination of CO2, H2O, He, Ne, and Ar in basaltic glasses from Kolbeinsey Ridge, North Atlantic, Geochim. et Cosmochim. Acta, 69, 5729-5746, 2005.

Manglik, A. and U. R. Christensen, Effect of lithospheric root on decompression melting in plume-lithosphere interaction models, Geophys. J. Int., 164, 259-270, 2005.

Albarede, F., Helium Feels the Heat in Earth's Mantle, Science, 310, 1777-1778, 2005.

Seghedi, I., H. Downes, S. Harangi, P.R.D. Mason and Z. Pecskay, Geochemical response of magmas to Neogene-Quaternary continental collision in the Carpathian-Pannonian region: A review, Tectonophysics, 410, 485-499, 2005. and other papers on the Carpathians in this volume.

Parman, S.W., M.D. Kurz, S.R. Hart & T.L. Grove, Helium solubility in olivine and implications for high 3He/4He in ocean island basalts, Nature, 437, 1140-1143, 2005.

Aldanmaz, E., N. Köprübasi, Ö.F. Gürera, N. Kaymakçi and A. Gourgaud, Geochemical constraints on the Cenozoic, OIB-type alkaline volcanic rocks of NW Turkey: Implications for mantle sources and melting processes, Lithos, 86, 50-76, 2005.

Hales, T.C., D. L. Abt, E. D. Humphreys and J. J. Roering, Lithospheric instability origin for Columbia River flood basalts and Wallowa Mountains uplift in northeast Oregon, Nature, 438, 842-8452005.

Hopp, J. and M. Trieloff, Refining the noble gas record of the Reunion mantle plume source: Implications on mantle geochemistry, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 240, 573-588, 2005.

Gautheron, C., P. Cartigny, M. Moreira, Jeff.W. Harris and C.J. Allegre, Evidence for a mantle component shown by rare gases, C and N isotopes in polycrystalline diamonds from Orapa (Botswana), Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 240, 559-572, 2005.

Hofmeister, A.M. & R.E. Criss, Reply to comments by R. Von Herzen, E.E. Davis, A.T. Fisher, C.A. Stein and H.N. Pollack on “Earth's heat flux revised and linked to chemistry”, Tectonophysics, 409, 199-203, 2005.

Meyzen, C.M., J.N. Ludden, E. Humler, R. Luais, M.J. Toplis, C. Mevel & M. Storey, New insights into the origin and distribution of the DUPAL isotope anomaly in the Indian Ocean mantle from MORB of the Southwest Indian Ridge, Geochemistry, Geophysics Geosystems, 6, No. 11, doi:10.1029/2005GC000979, 10 November 2005.

Chazot, G., S. Charpentier, J. Kornprobst, R. Vannucci & B. Luais, Lithospheric Mantle Evolution during Continental Break-Up: The West Iberia Non-Volcanic Passive Margin, J. Pet., 46, 2527-2568, 2005.

Bonadiman, C., L. Beccaluva, M. Coltorti & F. Siena, Kimberlite-like Metasomatism and 'Garnet Signature' in Spinel-peridotite Xenoliths from Sal, Cape Verde Archipelago: Relics of a Subcontinental Mantle Domain within the Atlantic Oceanic Lithosphere? J. Pet., 46, 2465-2493, 2005.

Janney, P.E., A.P. Le Roex & R.W. Carlson, Hafnium Isotope and Trace Element Constraints on the Nature of Mantle Heterogeneity beneath the Central Southwest Indian Ridge (13°E to 47°E), J. Pet., 46, 2427-2464, 2005.

Yoshida, M. and M. Ogawa, Plume heat flow in a numerical model of mantle convection with moving plates, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 239, 276-285, 2005.

Davaille, A., E. Stutzmann, G. Silveira, J. Besse and V. Courtillot, Convective patterns under the Indo-Atlantic « box », Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 239, 276-285, 2005.

Elkins-Tanton, L.T. and B.H. Hager, Giant meteoroid impacts can cause volcanism, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 239, 219-232, 2005.

Tan, E. & M. Gurnis, Metastable superplumes and mantle compressibility, Geophys. Res. Lett., 32, L20307, doi:10.1029/2005GL024190, 2005

van Wijk, J.W. and D.K. Blackman, Deformation of oceanic lithosphere near slow-spreading ridge discontinuities, Tectonophysics, 407, 211-225, 2005.

Smith, A.D., Critical evaluation of Re–Os and Pt–Os isotopic evidence on the origin of intraplate volcanism, J. Geodynamics, 36, 469–484, 2003.

Boyet, M. & R.W. Carlson, 142Nd Evidence for Early (94.53 Ga) Global Differentiation of the Silicate Earth, Science, 309, 576-581, 2005. [Simplified version for non-geochemists: Wilson, M., "Radioisotope tracers reveal extensive melting in Earth's distant past", Physics Today, 58,19 -21, 2005]

Castro, M.C., D. Patriarche & P. Goblet, 2-D numerical simulations of groundwater flow, heat transfer and 4He transport — implications for the He terrestrial budget and the mantle helium–heat imbalance, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 237, 893– 910, 2005.

Anderson, D.L., Large igneous provinces, delamination, and fertile mantle, Elements, 1, 271-275, 2005

Schwarz, W.H , M. Trieloff and R. Altherr, Subduction of solar-type noble gases from extraterrestrial dust: constraints from high-pressure low-temperature metamorphic deep-sea sediments, Cont. Min. Pet., 149, 6, 675 - 684, 2005.

Adam, C. & A. Bonneville, Extent of the South Pacific Superswell, J. Geophys. Res., 110, No. B9, B09408.

Plio-Quaternary Volcanism in Italy
Petrology, Geochemistry, Geodynamics

Springer, 2005, XIV, 365 p. 145 illus., Hardcover, ISBN: 3-540-25885-X
Angelo Peccerillo

for book review, click here

Class, C. and S.L. Goldstein, Evolution of helium isotopes in the Earth's mantle, Nature, 436, 1107-1112, 2005.

Lustrino, M., How the delamination and detachment of lower crust can influence basaltic magmatism, Earth Science Reviews, 72, 21-38, 2005.

Jourdan, F.,  G. Féraud, H. Bertrand, A.B. Kampunzu, G. Tshoso, M.K. Watkeys and  B. Le Gall, Karoo large igneous province: Brevity, origin, and relation to mass extinction questioned by new 40Ar/39Ar age data, Geology, 33, 745-748, 2005.

Kumar, M.R. and G. Mohan, Mantle discontinuities beneath the Deccan volcanic province, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 237, 252-263, 2005.

Jarvis, G.T. and J.P. Lowman, Sining slabs below fossil subduction zones, Phys. Earth Planet. Int., 152, 103-115, 2005.

Day, J.M.D., D.R. Hilton, D.G. Pearson, C.G. Macpherson, B.A. Kjarsgaard & P.E. Janney, Absence of a high time-integrated 3He/(U+Th) source in the mantle beneath continents, Geology, 33, 733-736, 2005.

Hagstrum, J.T., Antipodal hotspots and bipolar catastrophes: Were oceanic large-body impacts the cause? Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 236, 13-27, 2005

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Mashima, H. Partial melting controls on the northwest Kyushu basalts from Saga-Futagoyama, Isl. Arc, 14, 165-177, 2005

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Magmatism in India through Time

Proc. Ind. Acad. Sci. (Earth Planet. Sci.) special issue

Edited by Hetu C Sheth & Kanchan Pande

Koppers, A.P. & H. Staudigel, Asynchronous Bends in Pacific Seamount Trails: A Case for Extensional Volcanism? Science, 307, 904-907, 2005

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Origin and Evolution of the Ontong Java Plateau

Geological Society, London, Special Publication 229

Edited by J. G. Fitton, J. J. Mahoney, P. J. Wallace and A. D. Saunders

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