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Recent papers & books relevant to the debate regarding the origin of hot spots, published in 2007
If you want a PDF offprint of any of the papers listed below, and one is not available, please email the corresponding author requesting one in the first instance. If for some reason this does not work, e.g., if the authors cannot be reached, please email the website manager and one will be posted where possible.
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Valentine, G. A., and F. V. Perry (2007), Tectonically controlled, time-predictable basaltic volcanism from a lithospheric mantle source (central Basin and Range Province, USA), Earth planet. Sci. Lett., 261, 201-216.

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linked with European intra-plate deformations, Nature, 450, 1071-1074, 2007.

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The Origin, Evolution and Present State of Continental Lithosphere, The Origin, Evolution and Present State of Subcontinental Lithosphere

Volume 96, Issues 1-2, Pages 1-324 (June 2007)
Edited by Yaoling Niu and Shuguang Song

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Gondwana Research

Island Arcs: Past and Present

Volume 11, Issues 1-2, Pages 1-262 (January 2007)
Edited by S. Maruyama and M. Santosh

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