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Recent papers & books relevant to the debate regarding the origin of hot spots
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Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research

Volume 176, Issue 3, Pages 325-438 (1 October 2008)

Volcanoes and Human History

Edited by K.V. Cashman and G. Giordano

Sen, G., M.l Bizimis, R. Das, D.K. Paul, A. Ray, S. Biswas, Deccan plume, lithosphere rifting, and volcanism in Kutch, India, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 277, 101-111, 2008.

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Ivanov A.V., He H., Yang L., Nikolaeva I.V., Palesskii S.V. 40Ar/39Ar Dating of intrusive magmatism in the Angara-Taseevskaya syncline and its implication for duration of magmatism of the Siberian Traps. J. Asian Earth Sci., in press, 2008.

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and accompanying Perspectives commentary:
Evans, R.L., Laboratory data suggest that enhanced conductivity in the deep mantle can be caused by extremely small amounts of carbon-rich melt, Science, 322. 1338 - 1340, 2008.

Hahm, D., D. R. Hilton, M. Cho, H. Wei, and K.-R. Kim, Geothermal He and CO2 variations at Changbaishan intra-plate volcano (NE China) and the nature of the sub-continental lithospheric mantle,
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New book

The Boundaries of the West African Craton

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New book

Metasomatism in Oceanic & Continental Lithospheric Mantle

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Click here for Perspectives commentary by Y. Niu.

Click here for newspaper article "Nouvelle origine pourles îles océaniques".

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See also comments on this article:

Is the Pacific splitting in two? (Michael Reilly, New Scientist, No. 2640, 26 January 2008)
A Pacific breakup (Nature Geoscience, 1, 83, February 2008)

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