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Recent papers & books relevant to the debate regarding the origin of hot spots
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Valentine, G., and N. Hirano (2010), Mechanisms of low-flux intraplate volcanic fields--Basin and Range (North America) and northwest Pacific Ocean, Geology, 38, 55-58.

Chalot-Prat, F., Falloon, T.J., Green, D.H., Hibberson, W.O., An Experimental Study of Liquid Compositions in Equilibrium with Plagioclase-Spinel Lherzolite at Low Pressures (0·75GPa), J. Pet., 11, 2349-2376, 2010.

Valentine, G.A. & N. Hirano, Mechanisms of low-flux intraplate volcanic fields—Basin and Range (North America) and northwest Pacific Ocean, Geology, 38, 55–58, doi: 10.1130/G30427.1, 2010.

Radiogenic Isotopes in Geologic Processes

Rasskazov, Sergei V., Brandt, Sergei B., Brandt, Ivan S.

2010, XIV, 306 p. 125 illus., Hardcover, ISBN: 978-90-481-2998-0

Review of this book

Ritsema, J., A. Deuss, H. J. van Heijst and J. H. Woodhouse, S40RTS: a degree-40 shear-velocity model for the mantle from new Rayleigh wave dispersion, teleseismic traveltime and normal-mode splitting function measurements, Article first published online: 14 DEC 2010 | DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2010.04884.x

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Wanless, V. D., M. R. Perfit, W. I. Ridley, and E. Klein, Dacite Petrogenesis on Mid-Ocean Ridges: Evidence for Oceanic Crustal Melting and Assimilation, J. Pet., 51, 2377-2410, 2010; doi:10.1093/petrology/egq056.

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Singh, S.C., H. Carton, A. S. Chauhan, S. Androvandi, A. Davaille, J. Dyment, M. Cannat and N.D. Hananto, Extremely thin crust in the Indian Ocean possibly resulting from Plume–Ridge Interaction, Geophys. J. Int., 184, 29–42, 2010.

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Aulinas, M., D. Gimeno, J.L. Fernandez-Turiel, L. Font, F.J. Perez-Torrado, A. Rodriguez-Gonzalez, G.M. Nowell, Small-scale mantle heterogeneity on the source of the Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) Pliocene–Quaternary magmas, Lithos, 119, 377-392, 2010.

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Volume 119, Issues 1-2, pp 1-162, 2010

The Emeishan large igneous province: Advances in the stratigraphic correlations and petrogenetic and metallogenic models

Eds: J.G. Shellnut, Mei-Fu Zhou, Sun-Lin Chung and P. Sorjonen-Ward

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asthenosphere boundary, Nature, 467, 448-452, 2010, doi:10.1038/nature09369.
Click here for supplementary material.

Heinonen, J.S., R.W. Carlson, A.V. Luttinen, Isotopic (Sr, Nd, Pb, and Os) composition of highly magnesian dikes of Vestfjella, western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica: A key to the origins of the Jurassic Karoo large igneous province?, Chemical Geology, 277, 227–244, 2010.

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Editor's summary

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News & Views by D. Graham

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News & Views by D.A.D. Evans

Comment in Science

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Pan-African granite from Hoggar

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