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Large- to local-scale control of pre-existing structures on continental rifting: examples from the Main Ethiopian Rift, East Africa

G. Corti, D. Maestrelli & F. Sani

Sung Hi Choi, S.B. Mukasa, G. Ravizza, T.H. Fleming, B.D. Marsh & J.H.J. Bédard

Control of pre-rift lithospheric structure on the architecture and evolution of continental rifts: insights from the Main Ethiopian Rift, East Africa

G. Corti, P. Molin, A. Sembroni, I.D. Bastow & D. Keir

Mid-Lithospheric Discontinuity and a new hypothesis for oceanic plateau genesis

Zhensheng (Jason) Wang, T.M. Kusky & F.A. Capitanio

Hotspot paths below Arabia and the Horn of Africa: evidence and consequences

S. Vicente de Gouveia, J. Besse, D. Frizon de Lamotte, M. Greff-Lefftz, M. Lescanne, F. Gueydan & F. Leparmentier

Intraplate deformation of oceanic crust in the West Somali Basin

D. Sauter, J.C. Ringenbach, M. Cannat, T. Maurin, G. Manatschal, K.G. McDermott

The offshore East African Rift and the Comoros hotspot

D. Franke

Unravelling the complexity of upper crustal dike networks in continental rifts: examples from East Africa

J.D. Muirhead, S.A. Kattenhorn & N. Le Corvec

The western edge of the African Large Low Shear Velocity Province

D. Sun & M.S. Miller

Evolution of the African Rift System and Atlantic Continental Margins

J.D. Fairhead, C.M. Green, S.M. Masterton & R. Guiraud

Continental rifting: analogue modeling and comparison with East African Rift System

G. Corti

Ancient continental lithospheric mantle beneath oceanic islands – Cape Verde Archipelago

S. O’Reilly, M. Coltorti, C. Bonadiman, W. Griffin & N. Pearson

Southern African topography and erosion history:
plumes or plate tectonics?

A. Moore, T. Blenkinsop & F. Cotterill

Continental Flood Basalts and Mantle Plumes: a Case Study of the Northern Ethiopian Plateau

L. Beccaluva, G. Bianchini, C. Natali & F. Siena

Controls of post-Gondwana alkaline volcanism in southern Africa

A. Moore, T. Blenkinsop & F. Cotterill

Asthenospheric upwelling and lithosphere rejuvenation beneath the Hoggar swell, Algeria: evidence from mantle xenoliths

L. Beccaluva, A. Azzouni-Sekkal, A. Benhallou, G. Bianchini, R.M. Ellam, M. Marzola, F. Siena & F.M. Stuart

Basement control on dyke distribution in Large Igneous Provinces: Case study of the Karoo triple junction

F. Jourdan, G. Féraud & H. Bertrand

D. Ken. Bailey & Alan R. Woolley

The Canary Islands Hot Spot

José Mangas Viñuela

South Atlantic: Sea-floor spreading and deformation processes in the South Atlantic Ocean: Are hot spots needed?

J. Derek Fairhead & Marjorie Wilson

The Hoggar swell and volcanism, Tuareg shield, Central Sahara: Intraplate reactivation of Precambrian structures as a result of Alpine convergence

Jean-Paul Liégeois

last updated 10th February, 2023