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G.R. Foulger, L. Gernigon & L. Geoffroy

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Intraplate stress & deformation: Changes in subduction zone linked to continental breakup

Randell Stephenson, Christian Schiffer, Alexander L. Peace, Søren B. Nielsen& Scott Jess

Crustal fragmentation, magmatism, and the diachronous opening of the Norwegian-Greenland Sea

L. Gernigon, D. Franke, L. Geoffroy, C. Schiffer, G.R. Foulger & M. Stoker

Large-scale Structural Inheritance in the Circum-North Atlantic Region

C. Schiffer, A.G. Doré, G.R. Foulger, D. Franke, L. Geoffroy, L. Gernigon, R.E. Holdsworth, N. Kusznir, E. Lundin, K.J.W. McCaffrey, A.L. Peace, K. Petersen, T. Phillips, R. Stephenson, M. Stoker, J.K. Welford

D.B. Clarke & E.K. Beutel

Iceland Microcontinent & a continental Greenland-Iceland-Faroe Ridge

G.R. Foulger, A. Doré, C.H Emeleus, D. Franke, L. Geoffroy, L. Gernigon, R. Hey, R.E. Holdsworth, M. Hole, Á. Höskuldsson, B.R. Julian, N. Kusznir, F. Martinez, K.J.W. McCaffrey, J.H. Natland, A.L. Peace, K. Petersen, C. Schiffer, R. Stephenson & M. Stoker

M.J. Hole & J.H. Natland

The relationship between Pangaea breakup and Large Igneous Provinces

A.L. Peace, J.J.J. Phethean, D. Franke, G.R. Foulger, C. Schiffer, J.K. Welford, G. McHone, S. Rocchi, M. Schnabel & A.G. Doré

LIP formation and protracted lower mantle upwelling induced by rifting and delamination

K.D. Petersen, C. Schiffer & T. Nagel

Mid-Lithospheric Discontinuity and a new hypothesis for oceanic plateau genesis

Zhensheng (Jason) Wang, T.M. Kusky & F.A. Capitanio

A sub-crustal piercing point for North Atlantic reconstructions and tectonic implications

C. Schiffer, R.A. Stephenson, K.D. Petersen, S.B. Nielsen, B.H. Jacobsen, N. Balling & D.I.M. Macdonald

Marine geophysical survey of the active Reykjanes Ridge reorganization tip – implications for the radially expanding Iceland plume model

R. Hey, F. Martinez, Á. Höskuldsson, D.E. Eason, J. Sleeper, S. Thordarson, Á. Benediktsdóttir, S. Merkuryev

The Norway Basin and the Jan Mayen “microcontinent”: Insights from new high-resolution aeromagnetic surveys

L. Gernigon, A. Blischke, A. Nasuti & M. Sand

The Headless Tristan da Cunha Mantle Plume

E.R.V. Rocha Júnior, L.S. Marques, F.B. Machado, & A.J.R. Nardy

North Atlantic geoid high, volcanism & glaciations

E. Carminati & C. Doglioni

Shallow magma sources during continental rifting and breakup of the South Atlantic

Dieter Franke, Soenke Neben, Stefan Ladage, Bernd Schreckenberger & Karl Hinz

Distribution of basaltic volcanism on Tenerife, Canary Islands: Origin and dynamics of the rift systems

Adelina Geyer & Joan Martí

Atypical post-breakup magmatism along the Jan Mayen Fracture Zone: Do we need a mantle plume?

L. Gernigon, O. Olesen, C. Gaina & S. Wienecke

Re-evaluation of magnetic chrons in the north Atlantic between 35ºN and 55ºN: implications for the development of the Azores

J.F. Luis & J.M. Miranda

Eruptive Temperatures of the Paleogene Picrites of West Greenland and Baffin Bay

James H. Natland

Azores: metasomatised or recycled mantle sources?

C. Beier, A. Stracke & K.M. Haase

Global warming of the mantle at the origin of flood basalts over supercontinents

N. Coltice, B.R. Phillips, H. Bertrand, Y. Ricard & P. Rey

Bermuda and the Bermuda Rise – A Poor Fit to the Classical Mantle Plume Model

P.R. Vogt & W.-Y. Jung

SE Brazil: An example of non-plume-related magmatism

S.G. Oreiro, J.A. Cupertino, P.Szatmari & A.T. Filho

J. Gregory McHone

The Canary Islands Hot Spot

José Mangas Viñuela

Iceland & the North Atlantic Igneous Province

Gillian R. Foulger

The Iceland “Anomaly” – An Outcome of Plate Tectonics

Erik Lundin & Tony Doré

Origin of the Iceland hotspot and the North Atlantic Igneous Province

Jun Korenaga

South Atlantic: Sea-floor spreading and deformation processes in the South Atlantic Ocean: Are hot spots needed?

J. Derek Fairhead & Marjorie Wilson

last updated 5th February, 2023