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Intraplate volcanism originating from upwelling hydrous mantle transition zone

Jianfeng Yang & Manuele Faccenda

The Easter Island – Sala y Gomez Volcanic Chain

L.J. Milligan, A. Metcalf, L.K. Brooks, D. Scholtz, L.J. Scott, G.R. Foulger, D.F. Naar, J.H. Natland & E. Bonatti

Three-dimensional lithospheric effective elastic thickness of the Line ridge

M. Hu, J. Li, T. Jin, X. Xu, L. Xing, C. Shen & H. Li

Hotspot Swells Revisited

S.D. King & C. Adam

Instability Migration (Delamination) and the Geological Record

Tim Stern

Small-sized seamounts composed of potassic alkaline basalt: a record of tectonically-induced volcanism in the ocean?

D.M. Buchs, S. Pilet & P.O. Baumgartner

Mantle Dynamics Beneath the Pacific Northwest and the Generation of Voluminous Back-arc Volcanism

M.D. Long, C.B. Till, K.A. Druken, R.W. Carlson, L.S. Wagner, M.J. Fouch, D.E. James, T.L. Grove, N. Schmerr, C. Kincaid

Rayleigh Wave Tomography Beneath Intraplate Volcanic Ridges in the South Pacific

D.S. Weeraratne, D.W. Forsyth, Y. Yang & S.C. Webb

Why olivine control arguments cannot be used to infer high temperature at Samoa

J. Natland

Recycling of the Rodinia supercontinent in the Cretaceous Ontong Java Plateau?

Akira Ishikawa, Takeshi Kuritani, Akio Makishima& Eizo Nakamura

What the hell is Hawaii?

W.W. Sager

Why is uplift and subsidence of the Ontong Java Plateau anomalous?

J. Roberge & P.J. Wallace

The Ontong Java Plateau – the Largest and the Most Puzzling

J. Korenaga

Speculations on tectonic origin of the Hawaii hotspot

I.O. Norton

Cracks and Warps in the Lithosphere from Thermal Contraction

a Powerpoint presentaton, by David Sandwell

Crustal seismology helps constrain the nature of mantle melting anomalies: The Galápagos Volcanic Province

Valentí Sallarès, Philippe Charvis, Ernst R. Flueh, Joerg Bialas and the SALIERI Scientific Party

Arago Seamount

The Cook-Austral volcanic chain

Alain Bonneville

Galápagos: The Galápagos Islands are the Result of a Mantle Plume

Dennis Geist & Karen Harpp

Galápagos: Some Problems with the Plume Hypothesis for the Galápagos Islands

Karen Harpp & Dennis Geist

Hawaii: The Emperor and Hawaiian Volcanic Chains: How well do they fit the plume hypothesis?

G. R. Foulger & Don L. Anderson

Ontong Java: Plume vs. Alternative Hypotheses for the Origin of the Ontong Java Plateau

Maria Luisa G. Tejada & John J. Mahoney

Ontong Java: Impact Origin for the Greater Ontong Java Plateau?

Stephanie Ingle & Millard F. Coffin

Pacific: Stress Fields and the Distribution of Intraplate Volcanism in the Pacific Basin

Alan D. Smith

The Pukapuka volcanic chain

Edward L. Winterer

The Samoan Chain: A Shallow Lithospheric Fracture System

James H. Natland

Tectonic Evolution of Shatsky Rise: A Plateau Formed by a Plume Head or Not?

William W. Sager

The Superswell and Darwin Rise: Thermal no longer?

Carol A. Stein & Seth Stein

Definition of a Cenozoic alkaline magmatic province in the southwest Pacific mantle domain and without rift or plume origin

Carol A. Finn, R. Dietmar Müller & Kurt S. Panter

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