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   Iceland & Greenland

The Norway Basin and the Jan Mayen “microcontinent”: Insights from new high-resolution aeromagnetic surveys

L. Gernigon, A. Blischke, A. Nasuti & M. Sand

Curious styles of spreading in and around Iceland

G.R. Foulger

Evolution of the Reykjanes Ridge during the past 15 Ma

Á. Benediktsdóttir, R. Hey, F. Martinez & Á. Höskuldsson


North Atlantic geoid high, volcanism & glaciations

Eugenio Carminati & Carlo Doglioni

The pulsing Iceland plume: A personal evolution from believer to agnostic

R. Hey

West Greenland Glass in Picrite – Low-pressure Cotectic Differentiates or Independent Compositions?

J. Natland

West Greenland was hot – how else can you make 22,000 km3 of picrites?

L.M. Larsen & A.K. Pedersen

Eruptive Temperatures of the Paleogene Picrites of West Greenland and Baffin Bay

James H. Natland

Iceland & the North Atlantic Igneous Province

Gillian R. Foulger

The Iceland “Anomaly” – An Outcome of Plate Tectonics

Erik Lundin & Tony Doré

Origin of the Iceland hotspot and the North Atlantic Igneous Province

Jun Korenaga

last updated 29th November, 2015