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   Partial melt

Geochemical transfer from the subducting crust into the mantle

Yong-Fei Zheng

Sung Hi Choi, S.B. Mukasa, G. Ravizza, T.H. Fleming, B.D. Marsh & J.H.J. Bédard

Origin of high-Mg melts by volatile fluxing without significant excess of temperature

A.V. Ivanov, S.B. Mukasa, V.S. Kamenetsky, M. Ackerson, E.I. Demonterova, B.G. Pokrovsky, N.V. Vladykin, M.V. Kolesnichenko, K.D. Litasov, D.A. Zedgenizov

Heterogeneous source components of intraplate basalts from E China from ongoing Pacific slab subduction

Huan Chen, Qun-Ke Xia, J. Ingrin, E. Deloule, Yao Bi

Water-driven generation of picritic melts in the Middle to Late Triassic Stuhini arc, Stikine terrane, British Columbia, Canada

D. Milidragovic, J.B. Chapman, S. Bichlmaier, D. Canil & A. Zagorevski

Magmas Trapped at the Continental Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary

C. Crépisson, G. Morard, H. Bureau, G. Prouteau, Y. Morizet, S. Petigirard & C. Sanloup

A global layer of incipient melt in the asthenosphere? Clues from electrical conductivity

F. Gaillard

Rift-induced gravitational unloading: A mechanism for the formation of off-rift volcanoes in continental rift zones

F. Maccaferri, E. Rivalta, D. Keir & V. Acocella

Ponded melt at the boundary between the lithosphere and asthenosphere

T. Sakamaki, A. Suzuki, E. Ohtani, H. Terasaki, S. Urakawa, Y. Katayama, K. Funakoshi, Y. Wang, J.W. Hernlund, M.D. Ballmer

Experimental quantification of P-T conditions of mantle refertilisation at shallow depth under spreading ridges and formation of plagioclase + spinel lherzolite

F. Chalot-Prat, T.J. Falloon, D.H. Green,
& W.O. Hibberson

On the Origin of the Asthenosphere

Shun-ichiro Karato

A Reader’s Guide to the Sheared Boundary Layer Origin of Mid-Plate Volcanoes

Don L. Anderson

Shear-focusing of pre-existing melt as an origin for small-volume intraplate volcanism

G.A. Valentine

Partial silicate melting in the asthenospheric LVZ: Evidence from electrical conductivity of hydrous basaltic melts

H. Ni, H. Keppler & H. Behrens


D.L. Anderson

Discussion of this webpage

The Source of Oceanic Volcanism – Plumes vs the Low-Velocity Zone

D.C. Presnall

Shear-Driven upwelling

C.P. Conrad, T.A. Bianco & E.I. Smith

Implications for melt in the upper mantle from the electrical conductivity of melt-bearing peridotites at high pressures

Takashi Yoshino, Mickael Laumonier, Elizabeth McIsaac & Tomoo Katsura

last updated 12th October, 2019