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Ying Zhou

Mid-Lithospheric Discontinuity and a new hypothesis for oceanic plateau genesis

Zhensheng (Jason) Wang, T.M. Kusky & F.A. Capitanio

Geophysical modeling informs us about the resolution of deep plume tails

R. Maguire

The absence of mantle plumes beneath the European Cenozoic Rift System

A. Fichtner & A. Villasenor

The Effect of Water in the Depleted Mantle on the 660-km Seismic Discontinuity

S. Ghosh, E. Ohtani, K.D. Litasov, A. Suzuki, D. Dobson, K. Funakoshi

Mantle Transition Zone Discontinuities Beneath Yellowstone Imaged Using Multiply-Reflected P-to-S Conversions

S.S. Gao & K.H. Liu

The western edge of the African Large Low Shear Velocity Province

D. Sun & M.S. Miller

Wavefront healing and imaging mantle plumes

J. Ritsema

The effect of composition, temperature, and pressure on the elasticity of olivine and garnet: Implications for interpreting seismic velocity variations in the mantle

A. Yoneda, G. Chen, H.A. Spetzler & I.C. Getting

Constraints on the mantle transition zone structure from P-to-Sv converted waves

B. Tauzin, E. Debayle & G. Wittlinger

Searching for Mantle Plumes Using High-Resolution Radon Transforms

Y.J. Gu & Y. An

The D" Region: The Putative Source of Large Mantle Plumes

T. Lay

Can banana doughnut tomography see plumes?

Seismology: The hunt for plumes

Bruce R. Julian

Variations in Global Transition Zone Thickness

G. R. Foulger & B. R. Julian

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